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Why were trenches used in ww1?

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Trenches were built in World War 1 as a way to not lose any ground in a battle. It was also a protective barrier from gunfire.

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What wire was used to protect ww1 trenches?

Barbed wire was used to protect the trenches.

What have maori's invented?

Trenches used in WW1

What were trench mortars used for in ww1?

They were used for blasting people out of trenches.

What country first used trenches in WW1?

Not sure which 'first' used trenches. But the Australian and New Zealand soliders commonly used trenches during the Gallipoli campaign.

Why was the world war 2 fought in the trenches?

WW2 was NOT fought in trenches, that was more characteristic of WW1.WW2 was NOT fought in trenches, that was more characteristic of WW1.

Why were trenches built in the WW1?

the trenches were built in ww1 to protect soldiers from enemy mortars and shells

What were the trenches in ww1 used for?

Basically, to shelter troops from enemy attack.

Were there electric lights in WW1 British trenches?

There were electric light in German trenches in WW1 because they were more advanced and had better trenches than the British.

What were duckboards used for in WW1?

To keep the soldiers feet out of the mud and water in the trenches.

What did they do to stop the enemy from the trenches in ww1?

They shot at them, used barbed Wires and lines.

Who used trenches in ww1?

Both sides of the war, the Allies and the Central Powers, on the borders of Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland

What does the trenches mean in World War 1?

they fought in the trenches ww1 was known as a war in the trenches

What kind of gas was used in the trenches in ww1?

Chlorine, mustard gas and tear gas.

What were WW1 trenches infested with?


What was trench warfare in ww1?

fighting in trenches

Facts about the trenches in ww1?

they were bad.... they smelled....

What were the dangers in ww1 on the front line?

the trenches

What was the weather like in ww1 trenches?

wet :)

What were the conditions like in trenches in ww1?


Was life bad in the trenches in ww1?


Why were trenches used for ww1?

Used for protection in war to sleep and they used the bathroom in there. They were filthy filled with a whole bunch of rats and deseases.

How was chlorine gas used?

It was used as a weapon during WW1. The gas was packed into artillery shells and shot into the enemy trenches.

What was chlorine used for now and in ww1?

Chlorine gas was used to drive enemy men out of their trenches in order to make it easier to take the enemy trenches. Even now, it is used to soften up enemy positions.

What was a line of German trenches called in ww1?

a line of German trenches were called "the Western Front".

When did the trenches end?

Although trenches continued to be dug and used in successive wars, trench warfare as seen in WW1 has not been repeated since November 11, 1918.