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Q: Why weren't women represented by confederation?
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Why were there no mothers of confederation?

because they werent needed

How were states represented under Articles of Confederation?

Thirteen states were represented under the Articles of the Confederation.

When were women in Greece allowed to vote?

They Werent

Were women aloud to vote in 1948?

no women werent aloud to vote

Were women in mesapotamia treated the same as men?

no they werent

When was Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs created?

Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs was created in 2004.

How were the states represented in congress under the articles of confederation?


The Articles of Confederation respresented the?

The Articles of Confederation represented an attempt to balance the sovereignty of the states with an effective national government.

Why werent women allowed to perform in greek plays?

No.... not back in the Greek days

What did women who werent in the war do?

If you are asking what did women in the armed forces do,rather than combat,they were clerical help and nurses.

Why was Charles Fisher for confederation?

He was one of the founding father's. He represented New Brunswick.

What are some rights women did not have at the time of the Seneca Falls Convention?