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Q: Why where the spanish so angry with the English?
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Why did the Spanish get angry with the English?

The Spanish got very angry with the ENglish because one of the most famous English captains Francis Drake. In 1577, Drake began an historic voyage around the world. When he returned to England in 1580, Drakes ship was loaded with gold captured from Spanish ships. He became a hero in England. From then on the Spainsh called him the "Master Thief."

What does Brandon in Spanish?

Brandon is a name, so it is the same in Spanish as English.

What does was dich so oft anpisst mean in English?

"What often makes you angry..."

What is angry' in Spanish?


Why so many Spanish words have become part of American English?


What is 'You're so sweet baby' when translated from English to Spanish?

"You're so sweet, baby!" in English means ¡Eres tan dulce, bebé! in Spanish.

Upside down exclamation mark?

It's used in different languages like Spanish. In English we only add them to the end but Spanish doesn't... Example: English - this is so cool!... Spanish - ¡This is so cool!

How do you say he is so cute in spanish?

Translated from English to Spanish its 'el es tan lindo. This is how you say he is, so cute in Spanish.

What marked the end of the spanish?

The end of the Spanish is when the English beat them, so the king felt very bad so he decided to end the Spanish.

How do you say msgluck in spanish?

Msgluck is not a word in English so, it would not be a word in Spanish.

Spanish name Paco translates in English?

Paco in Spanish is a nickname for Francisco which means Francis in English so, Paco = Frank.

How do you say Batista in Spanish?

Batista is a Spanish name, so that is how you say it in Spanish. The English translation is 'baptized'.