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why do elves leave early or don't come back

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Q: Why will some elves leave early or won't come back?
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When do your Christmas elves come back?

elf magic elves come back sometime in November

When do magic elves come to your house?

They come when you order them and year after year they come back november-december ther leave on Christmas eve

Why won'y some elves come back?

Some elves won't come back because a child's parents hide them. Elves on Shelves are used to help kids get excited about the Christmas holiday.

Were do you get a elf?

leave some crackers and water under your Christmas tree, leave a note for the elf and wait until the next day. it works for some people, it worked for my friends, i sware. the elves look like stuffed toys, and if you touch them, they loose all their magic, you can leave him notes and he will write back, but you have to leave and then come back if you want him to reply. also if you leave and come back, he could move to a different place.Enjoy your Elf!Elves are hard to find but follow the advice and you`ll find them!

What day does the Elf on the Shelf come back?

He/She will probably come back on Thanksgiving day. But other people's elves will come back the next day.

Do elves come to your house on December 1st?

I had one come to mine last year, but he didn't come back this year.

When was Come Back - Before You Leave - created?

Come Back - Before You Leave - was created in 1992.

What time do the elves on the shelves come back?

Our elf on the shelf usually comes back right after Thanksgiving or at the beginning of December.

When do elves on the shelves come back?

they usually come back around thanksgiving. that's what the book says anyway and that's what my friends say that have elf on the shelfs .

Where do elves come from?

They come from the North Pole!!

Do pocket elves come to life at night?

yes they do all elves are real but Santa is not.

What did they do in school in colonial New York?

They learned about things such as writing on miniature chalk boards and sometimes for lunch they would leave early and then come back.

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