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Why wnt my izh27 overunder fire the second barrel?

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Needs to be looked at by a gunsmith

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Which barrel do you fire first in a double barrel shotgun?

Usually you fire the right barrel first. It's choke is normally a little open giving a wider spread of shot. You fire the second barrel which is normally a tighter choke at a target farther away. This tighter spread will be concentrated but spread because of the long range assuring more pellets hitting the target. Firing the right barrel at a greater range might have the target escape by having the shot pass by without hitting it because the pellets are spread too far apart.

Will a 22 magnum fire without gun barrel?

A rifle that has barrel removed- not likely. Revolver that has barrel removed- VERY likely.

Will a paintball gun work without a barrel?

It will "fire" but the ball will just roll out of the end of the barrel.

When was the second fire at the whitehouse?

When was the second fire at the whitehouse?

How many rounds does the M19191browning fire per second?

The Browning M1919 can keep firing until the barrel overheats. It depends on how long the bandolier is, since it's fed that way. If overheated, it can't shoot and the barrel needs to be replaced.

How do you select the barrel to fire on a Baikal superimposed shotgun?

On the Baikal/Remington SPR 310 O/U, you simply push the trigger forward to select the top barrel, leave it alone to have the bottom barrel fire first.

Baikal second shot not firing?

There are a lot of possibilities here. Does the other barrel fire if you set the trigger for the other barrel? If so, you may be holding the shotgun too loose, away from your shoulder, or have too much padding on. The Baikal in ejector mode has to, upon firing, trip the ejector sear. If you hold the firearm too loosely, the ejector sear will not trip and the next barrel will not fire.

Does a pistol with 5inches barrel fire more bullets faster than one with a 7 inches barrel?


What is a squib in shotgun fire?

It is when you fire the rifle or shotgun, but the projectile fails to leave the barrel of the firearm.

What do they plug the barrel with to make it fire blank ammo?


What is squib fire?

When a projectile fails to leave the barrel of a firearm.

What is the barrel on a center fire rifle?

The part which the bullet comes out of....

What is a squib fire of a shotgun?

When the short & wad do not exit the barrel when fired, you have a squib fire, on any gun.

What does the inside of the barrel look like after it id fired?

somewhat dark and dirty. just think what the inside of a barrel would look like if you built a fire in the barrel......................

Can you fire a 357 round from a sig p226 40 cal pistol?

Yes, you can fire a .357 Sig round (not a .357 Magnum) in it, but you must first change out the .40 barrel for the .357 barrel.

What shells can you fire in a 1500xtr 12 gauge?

It should be marked on the barrel

What does the barrel on a Bunsen burner do?

a chimney of a bunson burner lets out fire

Can you fire slug from a Winchester 1200 Imp cyl barrel?


How do you start a double barrel?

There is no need to start a double barrel. A double barrel shotgun needs to be loaded like you would a single barrel shotgun only using two bullets. You then cock the gun, aim, and fire.

What does a 177 caliber air rifle shoot?

It depends on the air rifle. All 177 air pistols and rifles fire 177 ammo. Some will fire, only pellets. Some can only fire, BB's. But, some can shoot both. And. Brake barrel air weapons can fire, special darts. But, DON'T, fire darts through a rifled barrel. You can do it but it can damage it. Only through a smooth bore barrel. When in doubt, check with the maker of YOUR gun.

Can a Winchester Model 24 fire slugs?

Yes. I have two and they are both very accurate with Remington rifled slugs. Set up a target at about 25 yards, fire one barrel and note where the slug hits. Then fire the second barrel, you should have two slugs impacting within a few inches of each other. Shoot at 50 and 100 yards and see what your accuracy is like. These shotguns were made for hunting, not for looking at. What you don't want to see is the right barrel shooting to the left and the left barrel shooting to the right, this is called crossing and it means you will have no accuracy past a couple of yards and you can't fix it without regulating the barrels.

Can you fire a slug from a standard Winchester model 1200 barrel?

Yes. Slug barrels have a different "Choke" then shot barrels that make them more accurate when firing slugs, but you can fire slugs with a stock 1200 barrel.

12 GA American Arms Brittany SxS with no manual and need to know the barrel selector sequence Which settings fires which?

If you push the safety to the right as you are moving it forward the right barrel will fire then the left. If you push the safety to the left as you are moving it forward the left barrel will fire then the right.

Does the Springfield 40SW required a barrel change to fire the 357SIG Round?

Yes it does, attempting to fire a .357sig round in a .40cal bbl will cause overpressure, case separation, and possible explosive failure of the firing chamber. Never fire any round in a barrel that was not designed for it!

Double barrel 410 crescent fire arm what can you tell me about this double barrel and the value?

70-100 years, 50-200 USD