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If the inside fan won't shut off, the blower resistor has failed. It is located behind the glove box.

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Where is fuse box located for turn signals 2003 dodge caravan?

All fuses on a 2003 Caravan are under the hood next to the battery.

How do you turn off the passenger air bag on a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan?

There is no factory installed device to turn off the passenger air bag on a Caravan.

Where do you need to look to change the turn signals on a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan?

are you asking about the turn signal bulbs , the turn signal switch or turn signal flasher ?

Where is the switch for fog lights on the 1999 dodge grand caravan sport?

It is the same as the switch to turn on the headlights. Pull it out toward you.

How do you remove oil filter on 1996 dodge grand caravan 3.8L?

Use a filter wrench and turn counter clockwise.

How do you change the turn signal bulb on a 1991 Dodge Caravan on the front.?

how do i change driver side turn signal bulb on 1992 dodge caravan?

Why will your fans not turn off for my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan?

you need to replace your fan relay switch, in my 2000 caravan i had to remove thel left head light to reach it

Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan?

It is an internal part of the TIPM ( the computer in the under hood fuse box ).

Where is the switch to turn on the fog lights for a 2001 dodge grand caravan sport?

If it is equipped with fog lights, you turn them on by pulling the headlight switch out one notch after turning the headlights on.

Directional signal does turn off not for right turn 0n 2003 Dodge Caravan what can be wrong?

The turn signal cam is broken on the switch side. You need to replace the turn signal switch assembly.

How do I troubleshoot the turn signals in a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Check the fuse, check the flasher relay and check the bulbs. It's probably one of the three.

96 dodge grand caravan ran out of gas and wont turn over?

kool, y dont u refill it and stop goofin around. Why do u need to turn it over anyway?

Where is turn signal flasher in 1999 Dodge Caravan?

The body computer is the turn signal flasher.

How do you change the flasher relay on a 1998 dodge grand caravan?

The flasher relay is under the steering column.........the 4ways and the left and right turn is all in the same unit.

How do you turn off the automatic locks in a 2000 Dodge Caravan?

The dealer can turn it off with a scan tool.

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