Why won't your computer find your iPhone?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Why won't your computer find your iPhone?
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How can you find your contacts from your iPhone on your computer?

you can find your iPhone contacts on computer by using Contacts backup app. at

Your iPhone wont power on?

Hook your iPhone to your computer so it hour, can charge. Wait an hour and than disconnect your iPhone, if it still doesn't work, take it to your local AT and T store.

Does the find my iPhone app wipe your iPhone from your computer?

No. Just wipes all info off the phone.

What to do if computer wont charge?

Find out if it's the computer or the charger and then buy a new computer or charger.

What If iphone freezes and wont turn off?

Plug it into your computer and when it shows up in your iTunes window, have it "Restore Factory Settings".

What happen if iPhone lost with icloud apps. and then find onother person?

If your iPhone is lost and you have Cloud, you can login from a computer and find the iPhones exact location.

Why wont Windows vista's autoplay feature import photos from my Apple iPhone?

The iPhone will not transfer photos to your computer if the device is locked and you are using a passcode. If you want to transfer photos, simply unlock (Slide to unlock and enter passcode) your device to transfer photos.Note: Plug the iphone to your computer in unlocked mode.

Will a iPhone 5 case fit a iPhone 4s?

No, the iPhone 5 is "taller" then the iPhone 4s, so it wont fit.

Can you put an iPhone 2g case on an iPhone 3g?

it just wont work

Can you put an iPhone 3g case on an iPhone 2g?

it just wont work

When using find your iPhone from a computer does it notify the person in possession of the iPhone?

It can it depends on how you have set the app up you have the option for a message not to appear either.

How do you drag music to your iPhone?

1. Connect iPhone to computer. 2. Open iTunes. 3. Click "Music". 4. Find the music you want and drag it to your iPhone under "Devices".