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You don't mention what year of Mercury Grand Marquis but the owners

manual will explain what to do if the transmission gear shift lever will not

shift out of ( P / PARK ) with the brake pedal depressed ( it has what Ford

calls the " brake shift interlock " )

As of August 6 , 2012 you can still view the Mercury Grand Marquis owners

manual online ( back to the 1996 model ) at :

www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces )

Click on Owner Guides

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Why is it that 1996 mercury grand marquis wont shift out of park?

check your brake lights if they not worhing replace fuse or brake light switch

Why wont your 1997 grand marquis shift out of park and brake lights wont work?

Sounds like a bad Brake Light Switch. It's located on the steering column.

Why wont my 1999 grand marquis shift out of park and the tail lights and brake lights wont work?

Check the fuses- Shift interlock is the same circuit as brake lights. As a temporary measure - try to turn the key to 1st (unlock) position shift to neutral to start vehicle and then shift to Drive.

Your 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis wont shift from park to drive?

Just turn the key to the first position, ( not on ) and then you will be able to shift to neutral and start the car from there. Have the fuses checked and check the shifter sensor on the brake pedal.

Why wont your 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix shift out of park?

shift lock is malfunctioning. you can bypass it there is a little "switch" on the side of your shifter for this purpose. that should help temporarily i believe there is a sensor to tell it when to shift out of park and that when this malfunctions you're stuck in park

Transmission shift problems on 2002 Pontiac Grand Am?

My car will shift when i first go but wont shift after that help

Why wont a 2008 impala shift out of park?

Are you putting your foot on the brake ?

Why your Honda inspire 1996 wont shift to park?

its broken !! take it to a mechanic

Your 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis wont catch spark to start.?

Check the ignition coil on the Marquis. Check the crank sensor as well. One of these is probably bad.

What do you do when shift lever will not come out of park position on a Dodge Dakota?


Why wont your car shift into park?

this happened to my 2006 Toyota highlander...look under hood...a piece of foam was stuck up under parking brake so it couldn't shift into park

Why wont your 1999 grand am shift to OD?

The first and most often reason is that the OD is turned off.

Is 2004 and 2005 grand marquis parts interchangable?

Mercury changed the style of the Grand Marquis in 1995. 92-94 are compatible, 95-97 are compatible. You might be able to force it and figure out a way to get it to work, but it probably wont look good. My family have a 1993 and 1997 Marquis, and the front ends are different.

Why wont your 1989 s10 blazer stay in park?

The shift lever cable may be damaged or out of adjustment.

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee wont shift gears?

im having the same problem now as we speak. i was told it was the shift solenoid located in the transmission.

Why wont your passenger windows roll down on your 99 grand marquis?

The safety override switch is probably on. If not, then the motor or switch may be bad.

Volvo s70 wont shift out of park?

The brake must be pressed to shift newer cars out of park, if the brake light circuit has an issue it can make it impossible to shift out of park. Make sure the brake lights work, fuses ect. If the system is not working many cars have an override for towing, check owners manual.

What should i do if gear shift wont go into park?

If the gear shift won't go into park on an automobile, the parking brake should be engaged and the vehicle turned off. This will prevent the vehicle from rolling away and potentially causing damage.

Why wont transmission on Geo Metro shift into drive?

Sometimes when used to driving manual transmissions, we forget to press the brake pedal to release the safety so we can shift the automatic into gear. It will not shift out of park unless you do this.

Mazda mx3 1993 wont shift out of park?

The neutral safety switch, release switch, or brake switch is bad.

Why wont my 1999 suburban shift out of park?

Change the brake switch located where the brake pedal is, a little above. Done!

94 Nissan Maxima that wont go in park the button on the shift lever wont compress any idea?

push the little knob at the base of the shifter in front of it see if that will do it for you

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