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It's either a bad Switch, bad/loose wire, or bad window motor

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Why wont my windows go up or down?

why am i having trouble with the electric window,s on our toyota surf especially on the rear window

Chevy Venture window wont go up?

If an electric window in a Chevrolet Venture will not go up or down, it is likely that a fuse is blown. Replacing the fuse could fix the issue.

Electric window on a Toyota MR2 goes down but it wont go up. it send a positive current to both wires on the electic motor.?

If an electric window on a Toyota MR2 goes down, but will not go back up, it has probably slipped off the track. There is a cable mechanism that operates the window. The door panel will have to be removed to repair the cable, or put in a new track.

Window will not go up?

Mercedes window wont go up

Why does your electric window go up crooked?

Because It is off track needs to be adjusted back on track...

Power window won't go up?

my window in my 1992 toyota wont go all the way up

08-99 buick lesabre the back windows will go down but wont go up?

Check the window relay for the back windows of the Le Sabre. Check the wiring for the system as well.

2000 Ford Taurus drivers side window wont go up what do you do?

get a new window switch

What has happened if the power window doesn't go back up on a 98 Breeze?

When that happened to our Breeze, we changed the fuse, now we have one that wont go down, its the motor of the power window. I HATE THIS CAR, anyone out there wanting to buy a Breeze DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get the electric window motor cable back on?

first take the door panel off then unbolt the window motor after you've done that Aline the two ends in the slots on the motor carefully put the motor back on and bolt it up tight the roll your window up then there ya go its fixed

Where can I find a cheap car window repair service?

If you have an electric window, you may want to go back to the dealership where you bought it as they would know the best way to deal with the motor, track , and what type of glass to use.

There are two cables hanging down in your door that go to the window and your window wont go up but the motor still works?

The regulator has failed and needs replaced.

Why does your Passenger window work ok but drivers door wont go down ford focus?

If your windows are electric you may have a bad motor in the driver's side or the window could be off track, if they're not then you may just have a bad gear or it could be off track

Chevrolet venture window problem?

I need a module for the a chevrolet venture 2003 the the driver side window wont go down

If you roll down your driverside window in your 91 acura legend and its fine but it wont go up what is it?

it sounds to me like the switch is bad i had a Mercedes with the same problem it would go down but not back up and i finally replaced the window switch and now it works fine

Jeep window wont go up?

mechanism is broken or if it is an electric window try holding switch down in down motion for 30 seconds then tap window up on switch until it gets to the top then hold switch in upwards motion for 30 seconds if this does not work then disconnect the motor then reconnect if not break window then get glass company to repair it then blame them 4 it

Why wont the drivers side window go up on your 91 legend coupe do you need a new window switch?

could be that also could be the window moter or just wiring

How do you get out of the window at the star cafe on fantage?

well you have to go out then go back in

Jeep 2002 Rear power window motor working but window wont go up nor down?

The window regulator has failed. The new one from the dealer will come with a window motor also.

Passenger front electric window on vw sharan wont close?

Hi my had the same problem the window went down and occasionally would go up, when the door panel came off water had corroded the door wiring harness but it was easily and cheaply repaired with a used part .

Who convinced Huck to go back to the window?

about 20

How do you fix a VW power window?

If its not working check the connections and if it is working but wont go up and down then the window regulator is broken and will need to be replaced.

Driver side window wont go up but goes down 1989 Chevy caprice classic?

it could be your window switch..try changing it

What is involved in fixing drivers side window it wont go up and when it went down there was a loud pop sound?

There was a recall on window clips. Go to your dealer and they should fix it for free.

When will power go back on?

As soon as the electric company gets it back on.