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Why won't the transmission shift out of 2nd gear on your 89 F-150 4wheel drive auto 302?

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make sure you not in LOW Range 4-wheel drive

That could do it!


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Do you have stop the car to change to 4 wheel drive?

My f150 shifts from 2wheel to 4wheel on the fly, but to use 4low you need to be stopped with your transmission in neutral to engage the low range in my transfer case.

How do you remove a stick shift for a f150 4 speed transmission?

what are you wanting to take the transmission out completely or what?

What would make the transmission shift hard in a 2000 F150 4x4?

The transmission may shift hard due to it beginning to fail. However, it may also be due to low transmission fluid.

Why wont your 1993 f150 AOD transmission shift out of low gear?

the shift siliniod for AOD transmission is bad. it cost about 30 bucks and is usually special order

What causes an automatic transmission to shift hard?

i have a 200 f150 p/u if I put my foot into it it will accellerate and shift as it should until 60 mph. at that time it will over rev and I have to slow down and dissengage over drive.

Ford F150 shift lever is stuck in park and will not move.?

Check all the linkage from the transmission.

Where is the drive shaft on a 94 f150?

It's underneath the truck. It leads from the transmission to the diferential

What if your 1995 ford f150 w5.0l won't shift into second unless you do it manually then when you try to shift into drive it downshifts and its full of fluid and its a fresh rebuild what could the pro?

you have problems with your overdrive, or it may be a sensor on your transmission. I would recommend a simple transmission fluid change along with your transmission oil filter (it might be clogged) and a lot of times it fixes your sudden changes in gears.

What is wrong with your 2004 f150 when it shifts hard into drive?

When was the last time you changed your transmission fluid? As the fluid gets older, transmissions start to shift harder, and you notice the shifts from gear to gear a lot more. It could also mean that your transmission needs repair.

Can a 1990 F150 four wheel drive have a manual transmission?

Yes.. I Have a 1990 F-150 4X4 and it is a 5-Speed Manual Transmission

What type of transmission is in a 1996 ford f150?

the transmission that is in a 1996 f150 is a 4r70w if automatic

Where is the Transmission dipstick for a 1983 F150?

For a 1983 F150, the transmission dipstick is?æsticking out of the transmission. The transmission is located at the rear left side of the in-line engine.

Neutral safety switch on a 1985 F150 pickup?

The switch is located on the driver side of the transmission. right where the shift linkage joins the tranny.

Will a 4x4 F250 transmission work in a 2 wheel drive F150?

The tailpiece on the 4x4 transmission allows the transfer case to be bolted to it The tail piece would have to be changed for a 2 wheel drive vehicle

What is over drive on a 1999 ford f150?

Basically it is 5th gear in this transmission. With overdrive on, it will allow the transmission to shift to 5th gear, which will let the truck move faster with less engine rpm's. More fuel efficient. If you are towing or hauling a lot of weight (over 1000 pounds), it is better for the engine and transmission to turn overdrive off.

Is the 1997 f150 transmission is the same as the 1999 5.4 expedition?

Is the 1997 F150 Transmission is the same as the 1999 Expedition

How do you replace a Clutch on a 1989 Ford F150 Fullsize?

This is a big job. You have to take out the transmission. If it is 4 wheel drive it is an even bigger job. The clutch is between the engine and transmission.

What is a BSI in a 2004 F150?

Brake - Shift Interlock

Where is the transmission filter on a 1977 f150?

Inside the automatic transmission pan

98 ford f150 is stuck in 4low anyway to just disengage the 4wd?

If you start the vehicle, put the trans in neutral, then put the 4wheel drive in 2wheel drive, then put trans back in gear it should disengage the 4wd. The 4wd drive is a electronic function. You may have to tap the brake pedal after you have selected 2 whl drive with the trans selector in neutral

How hard is it to change an auto transmission to a manual in a 2000 Ford F150 4x4?

The cost would outway the results. The column and pedals would have to be changed . The computer and wiring harness so that the transmission would shift. And the beat gones on.

Can you replace a shift fork in a 96 F150 from the top or must you remove the transmission to do so?

I'll answer the question myself. It can be done from the top, had to do the job today and found that it was a piece of cake.

What causes hesitation and bucking on F150 truck?

what causes hesitation on ford f150 truck

Can ford f-150 4 wheel drive rims fit a ford- f150 2 wheel drive?

f150 can a4 wheel drive wheel fit on a 2 wheel drive f150 both 6 bolt pattern

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