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Why won't your parents get you a dog?


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July 11, 2009 8:06PM

First of all, hello. I decided to answer your question because it once happened to me. There are many reasons why your parents won't give you a dog. Some of the most common are: # Someone in your house/appartment is allegric to dogs. # Pets aren't permitted where you live. # They don't like dogs. # They think you are too young for such a responsability (taking care of a dog is a huge responsability that take a lot of time, compromise and responsability, without counting on using money to take it to the vet, shots, if it gets sick, food, toys...). # Maybe they are protecting you. If the dog dies or escapes, it leaves an awful feeling, for example, my first dog, I got it on 2003, he escaped on July of 2004. Now, 5 years later, it is still tough to talk about this. I hope I've helped you. Always remember your parents major concern will always be you, so if they don't buy you a dog, there is a good reason behind this. Remember that having a pet is a big responsability tha mustn't be taken lighly.