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Try frostwire it has most songs and it's easy to use

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yes but only after you download it into your computer, camera wont play sound

ofcorse you can, as long as the profiles are on the xbox you download it on. however, if you download Anchorage and then recover your gamertag onto another xbox360, it wont work.

okay after u picked the songs you wanted and there 100% complete right click and click explore and the right click again then put add to itunes *tip* make sure you have the right itunes or it wont download to your iPod

Why not try "E.M. YouTube Video Download Tool". It works great and easy to use. It can also download, convert, burn, search, repair and play any YouTube video.

No, you can select not to share your files with other users. Go to your library, right click on the files you don't want to share, and select "Stop Sharing File." But if everyone in limewire wont share files, gnutella community dies, and limewire would be useless, as there will be NO files to download because nobody shares. Think about this: you want to download, so means you expected others to share, yet you refused to share yourself. So selfish!

I have a firewall and can still access limewire, it just wont let me download some songs as apparently they contain viruses. It may differ depending on your firewall operator. dont worry though as there is a lot of songs you can download with the firewall, aswell as a few you cant.

you have to make an new folder and save all of your media fire songs to that folder. you do that by clicking download song and then it will give an optoion of open or save and hit save.

Your computer might not have the correct Codec. It is expensive to download the codec so I recommend using Lime Wire to download the songs. After you download them, put them in a folder that is easy to find and then drag the song you want onto the song timeline in your MovieMaker file.

if it wont change songs on its own its probably you have it set on repeat track. if it wont change even if you try to skip songs manually try a new radio

May be your download speeds or a corrupt down loadable file

Oh come on you should already know this but i wont waste your time so.... bear + snow = polar bear

don't download it it will make ur account banned-FOREVER

The songs are not in the correct format of the ipod software for music.

You should go to imesh. It has a free 14 day trial and you can keep the songs on your computer for as long as you want but if you try to put it on a mp3 player or ipod, it wont work for longer than 14 days.

Because the mac wont let u download combat arms what i mean is that the program wont let u download and u need to download windows like hack from you-tube

if u have a bear it on the certifcate but it wont work agen if u have all ready used it !!

you delete it and re download it on the dsi shop app. it is a free download.

you need to delete it and download it again

you have to ask some one or buy a bear although you can still play without one it just wont be as just fun

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