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Maybe you should check and make sure your key tumbler is actually working...If not replace it. Also make sure your ignition cut off wires are not cross shorted with another wire. Hope this helps.

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Q: Why wont your car shut off when you shut the key?
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Why will the key start your car but it wont shut it off?

You need to replace the ignition switch. Too much play in it.

Can you turn off a car while it is in gear?

u can shut off a car while its in gear u just wont be able to get the key out without it being in park and the sterring wheel may lock but u can shut a car off with it in gear

Why your car shut off?

Because you turned the key.

1994 Acura Legend Car cranks but when you let go the key it shut off?

1994 Acura Legend Car cranks but when you let go the key it shut off?

Why wont a 91 Chevy baretta not shut off when key is turned off?

Does it have a remote starter? Defective ignition switch?

Why Dodge Intrepid 99 wont shut off after you turn off the switch and take the key out?

Defective ignition switch.

Car runs without igination key it wont turn off?

igination on car is turned off but car still runs

What does it mean when you shut off your car and it acts like it wont shut off?

That's called dieseling, and the main thing that causes it is improper ignition timing.

Have 93 ford escort replaced modulo cause car would not start my problem now is it starts now but wont shut off with the key?

Need to replace the ignition switch.

What makes a car shut off once the key is turned?

what kind of car? IF its fuel injected the key turns off the computer, the fuel pump, and the ignition coil

Why wont my Sears riding lawn mower shut off?

There could be many reasons why your Sears riding lawn mower won' shut off. The key could be jammed for example.

Your car will not shut off even with the key out of it?

sounds like you have a bad ignition ground