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Why work for Avon?


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November 14, 2009 11:46PM

People join Avon for many reasons. Avon has been around for a number of years and is a worldwide success. It flourishes through its recruitment strategy and in most countries offer free sign up.

Avon has a myriad of products on offer from homewares, wellbeing to gift ideas and of course health and beauty.

It mainly caters for the women market noting the company slogan for many years "company for women".

Avon also has some negatives in its opportunity. That being it restricts its representatives by forming some territories in certain areas, doesn't allow online advertising or Ebay sales even if not auction.

Avon also charges you to use their own resources such as bags, brochures and samples which seem to be paramount for your success.

There are similar companies to Avon such as Nutrimetics

This is a great company but has similar restrictions.

I also recommend LR Health and Beauty

Enjoy your search for a new company!