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Why would a 1991 Ford Probe only start if in neutral then eventually not start at all?


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2009-08-26 00:54:21
2009-08-26 00:54:21

Probably the ignition switch. HavE IT CHECKED OUT> neutral safety switch......located under the shifter panel


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are you sure its fuel cut out? my probe would not start traced problem to electronics inside distributor had failed [common fault on probe]

It will only start in neutral because it was designed to only start in neutral. Why would anybody want start a vehicle while in gear?

Probably the neutral safety switch, either faulty or out of adjustment.

I would think a Probe owners club is for owners of Ford Probe cars.

Many reasons, but a common one is a faulty neutral safety switch, try starting it in neutral.

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The vehicle would stall when put in gear would be the fuel pump. The fuel pump is very weak which would explain why in neutral the vehicle starts if it gear it would have to have more gas.

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Mass airflow sensor is dirty or needs replaced. Try that first.

This could be caused by a multitide of problems, but I would check for a bad or loose ground strap on the engine first. It is normal to have to shift to park or neutral to start your engine. If it is only neutral and not park, I would start troubleshooting the safety switch.

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there is no neutral safety switch on 79 accords. I had 2 of them and I would start it in 1st gear alot when the clutch was stuck engaged. Dave

Have the neutral safety switch checked. Pop the hood, hold a key across the screw posts on the solinoid. it should start......make sure ignition is on and truck in Neutral.

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i there a switch on a saturn that would cause it not to start Yes the neutral safety switch.

Assuming we are talking automatic transmissions, you would use park or neutral to start the engine but neither one are gears.

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The neutral safety switch is a switch that essentially disables the ability to start the vehicle if its not in park or neutral (or in the case of a standard, if the clutch is not fully depressed). It is as the name implies, a safety feature, to prevent you from trying to start the vehicle while it is in gear (which would cause it to lurch forward.

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