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Get inside with a flash light and a friend outside with a garden hose and find out where the leak is.

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Q: Why would a 1992 Grand Am leak water around the firewall left side when it rains?
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Why does your Plymouth Neon Leak water onto the passenger floor when it rains?

There is obviously a leak in either the firewall/cowl area or the window seal.

Water gets in your car everytime it rains and you dont know where it comes from?

Water can get in when the firewall flashing is missing outside under the windshield cowling. The water gets into the heater/defroster system and then drains on to the floor.

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How do you locate a water leak on your 2004 Malibu when it rains?

Have someone inside the car while you spray it with a garden hose. Start from the bottom and work your way up until you find it. I don't know what area the water leak is coming from....upper or lower....but you may have to pop the hood and spray around the firewall also.

Why does my 98 Honda civic leak water every time it rains?

Leaky weatherstripping around the doors.

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How do you fix a water leak that is possibly leaking from under the windshield when it rains in a 1993 Grand Am SE Coupe V6 3.3L on the front side passenger area?

There is a drain for the air conditioner condenser located under the hood on the firewall. This often gets plugged (by dirt,leaves etc.) This allows water to back up into passenger compartment often soaking carpet.

Why do you get water on floor board of my pickup truck get wet when it rains 1998 dodge sport?

Since it happens only when it rains, it would suggest a few possibilities. Look for these:Bad window or door seals.Bad windshield seal.Holes in the floorboard or firewall, especially near the wheelwells.

Do you think the expansion valve on 1999 Dodge Caravan is the reason for water leaking into passenger floorboard when it rains?

Check AC drain and clear the blockage. Also look for firewall sealer skips.

How do you stop your 2005 dodge neon from leaking in the front passenger floorboard when it rains?

First you have to find where the water is coming in. Have a friend use a water hose around the windshield, cowling, etc. while you check inside for leaks. Water could be coming through the firewall around gaskets as well. Be careful to not soak any electrical components if squirting water under the hood. After finding the leak then you can decide the best course of action to stop it.

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Why would water enter a 2002 BMW 325 when it rains into the passenger foot floor?

sounds like there could be a plug knocked out of the firewall on the passengers side which would allow water to enter when you hit some puddles and splashed up

How do you tell if the heater core is bad in a 1993 Pontiac grand am?

collant will start coming out of the hole where the a.c. condensation water comes out against the firewall

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