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Why would a 1995 Corvette LT-1 emit white smoke on start-up and idle rough?


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White smoke is usually caused by water in the ignition system(blown head gasket or water in the gas tank due to condensation. If it clears up after running for a while, you should try a gas conditioner in your fuel tank. If its constent, then do a compression test and to check your head gasket. White smoke is water; Blue smoke is oil; and black smoke is flooding or too much gas. ADDED NOTE: I have had an occurence where a brake fluid leak(at the master cylinder) allowed the vaccuum operated BRAKE BOOSTER to suck in fluid into the intake manifold, causing WHITE SMOKE..

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White smoke at startup, loss of anti freeze and milky oil indicates to me a bad head gasket.

White smoke from the exhaust is a symptom of moisture in the combustion chamber. If you see it after that initial startup, then suspect a blown head gasket. A compression test will verify this.

Because the engine is a boxer type six with horizontal pistons, the oil will often drip into the cylinders. this often leads to white smoke on startup. If the smoke is minimal and only on start up after sitting for more than a day, not much to worry about.

No car engine should smoke from the hood on startup. The color of the smoke will indicate the problem. White thick smoke indicates burning oil, while grey smoke indicates an exhaust issue.?æ

i have a 3406b inframed new head injectors runs rough and pours white smoke had pump and timeing advance off timeing advance rebuilt put back on. now its worse

White smoke when cold - normal condensation burning off Blue smoke when engine is at normal operating temperature - could be bad valve guides or seals.

White smoke = Blown Head Gasket or cracked head. Black Smoke = Overly rich fuel/air mixture. Blue smoke = Oil burning. Blue smoke at startup usually means worn valve seals.

White smoke that smells sweet, is coolant in the combustion chamber, normally caused by a cracked head or a blown head gasket Blue smoke, the engine is burning oil. Black smoke, the air/fuel mixture is too rich. A small amount of white smoke at startup, that goes away, in cold tempertures is normal.

If it only smokes at startup and the smoke is blue this is normally a sign of worn valve seals or guides. White smoke is a symptom of blown head gasket. Black smoke is a symptom of overly rich fuel/air mixture.

White smoke from the exhaust means that coolant is entering the combustion chamber. Normally caused by a blown head gasket or cracked head. STOP driving the car until this is repaired as severe engine damage will occur.

1st White smoke/steam out exhaust especially at startup 2nd Miss/rough idle 3rd Loss of coolant with no apparent leak 4th if blown between cylinder very heavy miss 5th A white foamy substance on the underside of the oil fill cap 6th Engine overheating

Heavy white smoke is indicative of a blown head gasket or cracked head/block. Coolant is probably leaking into the combustion chamber. Run a compression test to further diagnose. Another reason is that you might be burning a lot of oil. does the smoke disappear like steam or say in the air?

My car isn't smoking, but if yours is it would indicate that it is burning oil. You may have to stop at a gas station and fill up the oil and check the gas. My first guess would be valve seals. If there is white smoke on startup it could be that the feul mixture is too rich on startup, that is for gasoline /petrol engines in a diesel engine it could be from a low grade diesel ir faulty injectors Sorry, white smoke is oil, black smoke would be too much gas. white smoke could also be water, but it would heed to warm up some before you see that.

is there a sweet smell? Does the coolant level drop in the overflow tank and/or the radiator? if so, you might be looking at a bad head gasket. if there is slight white smoke(usually condensation) and no loss of coolant, then it is normal. once the engine (and exhaust system) gets hot, there should be no more smoke.

The very first corvette was a white convertible with red interior.

U have a blown head gasket,cracked cylinder head or cracked block.. The white smoke is from water getting into the Exhaust system.

chances are high that you blew a head gasket because white smoke is when coolant gets in the combustion chamber and is vaporized

White smoke at startup (when the engine and exhaust have completely cooled down) is usually caused by condensation. It's especially noticeable in cooler weather when the car is used for short trips. The engine never really gets totally warmed up, existing condensation in the exhaust isn't completely evaporated. In short, what you may be seeing is simply steam vapor. If the smoke isn't white but is more gray or blue/white it's oil. A few seconds of oil smoke at startup is usually caused by leaking valve stem seals. Oil drips down the valves and onto piston tops when the engine is idle. On startup the oil is burned causing a few seconds of smoke. The puff of burning oil is most noticeable after the car has been sitting awhile, like overnight. Unless the seals are really bad not enough oil drips into the combustion chamber during shorter stops to notice any smoke. Cheers

A very small amount of white smoke at startup is normal and is nothing more than condensation in the winter. However combined with a loss of coolant with no apparent leak, overheating, white foamy substance on the underside of the oil fill cap, or overfull oil level, means you have a blown head gasket and or cracked head.

White smoke is a good indication you have a blown head gasket. And/or a cracked head. Did you noticed, when it happened that the engine started running rough? Best i can do with little info.

or it could be worn valve stem seals. which causes a little bit of oil to build up on the valves when you shut the engine off or stopped at idol. this is burnt offon startup or when you takeoff.

White smoke from the exhaust especially at startup. Coolant mixed with the oil. A white foamy substance on the underside of the oil fill cap. Loss of coolant with no apparent leak. Engine overheating with possible miss.

White smoke is an indicator you have a head gasket leak. The white smoke is actually water or coolant mixing into the combustion chamber with the fuel and air. Have you noticed a bit of a rough idle? Have you looked at your coolant level lately?

It depends. White smoke indicates coolant entering the combustion chamber. Normally caused by blown head gasket or cracked head or both. This MUST be repaired or your engine will be destroyed. STOP driving this vehicle until you get this repaired. In the winter a small amount of white smoke is normal at startup and is nothing more than water vapor. White smoke that smells sweet is coolant burning. Black smoke indicates an overly rich fuel/air mixture. Blue smoke indicates the engine is burning oil. Normally caused by worn engine parts.

His corvette's are white. One's an old school corvette and the other is new

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