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There are numerous things that could cause shifting problems. Have the vehicle checked for trans codes first. This will neither verify whether the VSS is good, as well as the MPS in the trans, and solenoids. Typically, I don't run into electrical problems with these, I see internal failure. Dan

AnswerIt can also be as simple as having different size tires on the front than you have on the rear. Or, even if you bought only two tires instead of a set of four. My 4x4 Jimmy was in a small "altercation" and the insurance company only replaced the two front tires. It would jump (hard) into 4-wheel-drive since the rear tires were spinning at a different rate than the front tires. I changed all four tires and the problem was eminated.
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Q: Why would a 2000 GMC Jimmy 4x4 auto have shifting problems?
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