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Are you sure it is the electrical system that shuts off? I have a 2000 Sonata that stalls at any speed and even at idle. But it is not the electrical system as the radio continues to function. I have read that I should have a dealer look into replacing/rerouting the MAF (mass air flow) sensor-connector wiring harness. As of yet, I have not had this done... so the jury is still out on whether or not this is my problem.

I had a similar problem. My car would act like it was about to stall out while I was in the middle of driving but then would kick back into gear and keep going. I took it in and it was the input speed sensor.


I have a 2001 Sonata and this past week I have had an issue of the car stalling after driving for 15 minutes. It would stall out while I was driving. I took it in and the mechanic said it is a common problem with Sonata's that the wires under the dash become exposed and rattle against a metal bar. This causes the car to kick into safe mode and shuts down. Not sure if this helps.


My 00 Sonata 2.4L did this last spring , just driving along, electrics cut out for a minute, then came back on[only ever happened that one time] (Millenium Falcon Moment) with in 2 months the alternator was dead. only cost me about $380 to have replaced.

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Q: Why would a 2000 Sonata electrical system shut off for less than a second and then come back on immediately while the car is moving usually around 20 to 40 miles per hour?
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