Pontiac Aztek

Why would a 2001 Pontiac Aztec random missfire on 1 cyl?


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2009-12-04 01:13:59
2009-12-04 01:13:59

injector going out did it on mine...good luck


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I'm gonna say no. PO300 (random missfire) would probaby be caused by ignition, fuel or mechanical failure.

If the cat was damaged and restricting the exhaust it could cause a random misfire (P0300) but you would also have a severe loss of power.

i have that problem to it has something to do with the gear shift censor

There are many reasons that contributes to engine missfire. Bad gas, faulty spark plugs, faulty plug wires, clogged fuel injectors, clogged fuel filter, dirty/clogged air filter, clogged cathalytic converter and faulty EGR. I would suggest going to Autozone or Advance Auto. They have an OBD system that you can plug under the dash of your car and it will indicate some of the faulty parts that maybe causing the engine missfire.

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could be that the sparkplugs are going bad or the spark plug cables which would cause missfire

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