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Not all people are into exploring other methods of sex. It depends how some people were brought up or, it could just be this 47 year old man likes straight sex and there is nothing wrong with that. When I was going with my 2nd husband we tried all those so-called fun things to do and either burst out laughing or thought whoever dug these positions up was a qualified contortionist. We do have some zip in our sex life, but, when you love someone does it really matter who is on top or not? I don't think so. If you want a more spiced up sex life then I suggest, if possible you find someone else or you'll only be bored. If you're married to the man, then you picked him, love-making was good enough then and as long as you show effection sexually and vocally for each other the rest doesn't matter. Sometimes what you think you want isn't really what you want at all. Good luck Marcy Answer: I'm 47 but not the man in the question. Once I had sex and the woman was on top. When she was going up and down my penis often came all the way out and would not re-enter but would hit her vagina and get deflected away, causing my penis to bend, also pain and great worry that she was going to break my penis! I read in a sex education book years earlier, I think it was in The Joy of Sex, a warning, do not bend an erect penis, without mentioning the consequenses. That was the last time I had sex, which was 18 years ago. So, if you can convince him that you could be on top of him during sex, and can be careful, that you care enough about him to prevent bending his penis, and make careful penetration, then he should try letting you on top.

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Q: Why would a 47-year-old man only like boring sex with him on top and not explore other options?
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