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im assuming that its an automatic,if so then its just because your transmition is messed up,or your rear gears(not the trans gears)are damaged.

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โˆ™ 2004-08-07 22:29:39
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Q: Why would a 96 Pontiac Grand Am grind when going into reverse?
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What is the problem with an 89 Pontiac Grand Prix LE 5 speed manual transmission that is difficult to shift Have to jam it in reverse so it wont grind and force it into 1st Clutch works ok though?

clutch is worn out

How would you know if you need to replace the bearings on your Pontiac grand am?

As your driving steer left and right u will here a baring grind one way or the other

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You are driving down a straight road and there is no noise but when you make a right turn Why does a Pontiac grand am make front end grind noise?

probably the cv joint(s). common problem in any vehicle. turning is when you really hear those little guys going bad. if that goes all together you wont be going very far. get it checked out.

Why wont it go onto reverse all it does is grind its a automatic?

bad transmission

What causes the clutch to grind in reverse on a 1987 S10?

if u keep your foot on the gas a little it will grind till u come to a complete stop then it will go into gear smoothly not coming to a complete stop before shifting out of reverse

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Will an auto transmission be damaged if I don't come to a complete stop before changing from reverse to park as in a parking lot barely moving?

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Why does your automatic tercel grind when put in reverse gear?

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