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Why would a DSL connection be very slow?

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You need to up grade your ram in your PC dsl needs at least 512-756 to even run some what fast it all depens on ur vurtal memory and ram.

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My satellite connection is too slow. Can I get DSL ?

DSL connection and also broadband is very good services for providing internet. But rather than DSL go for broadband if possible

Can you use Magic Jack when your computer is DSL?

It works with a broadband connection. dsl=broadband, therefore should work (unless you have a slow dsl connection.

What internet connection is a slow-speed technology?


DSL is an example of what kind of connection?

DSL is an example of broadband connection.

How does dsl extreme differ from dsl?

DSL Extreme boasts faster connection speeds at a rate comparable to a lesser connection speed at DSL. The customer service at DSL extreme is better and fastter than the one at DSL.

How to you install dsl in my home?

You need a DSL line and a DSL modem for a home connection. Contact your local phone company or ISP for a connection.

Is DSL faster than a satellite Internet connection?

I am not sure as far as technically, but from personal experience I have HughesNet Satellite and I hate it. At times it is very fast and at times very slow. I am constantly going over my fair access policy usage for downloading too much and most of the time my windows update puts me over. My mother-in-law has DSL and she never has slow down or over limit. If I had a choice I would switch in a second, but DSL is not available in my area yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will come soon. :) If you decide to go with satellite I would steer clear of hughesnet!!!

Which is better, DSL broadband internet connection, or cable internet connection?

IVC Telecom offers both cable and DSL internet plans

Will 100 Mbps be enough for a 12 Mbs DSL connection?

yes it would

Do you have to have dsl for Xbox live?

you dont have to have dsl,you just have to have a broadband connection.

Which device on a dsl connection requires a filter?

The device on a DSL connection that requires a filter is the phone lines. -big-elk

Does a DSL connection need to go through my telephone company?

Does a DSL connection need to go through my telephone company?

DSL Service?

form_title=Upgrade to DSL Service form_header=Tired of slow internet? Upgrade to a faster and more reliable connection today! Do you currently have internet?= () Yes () No Would you like wirless service?= () Yes () No What are your typical web surfing habits?=_

What is the difference between internet connections including broadband?

Dial up uses your landline phone connection to get on to the internet, however it is very slow. DSL and Broadband are essentially the same and offer very quick speeds, though are more expensive.

What is the difference between DSL and ISDN?

a dsl connection is as fast as my abuelitos car ;)

Can you have a 56k connection with DSL?


What is the difference between DSL Connection and Dailup Connection?

The main difference between a DSL connection and a dial up connection is that the latter uses a phone line and a modem to connect to the Internet and you cannot use the phone while trying to make a connection. A DSL connection is much faster, you can talk on the phone while being connected to the Internet and the connection is always on.

Which has a better connection dsl or dial-up?

DSL if available, if it is not, then dial-up.

How do you speed up internet service?

The best way would be to change your internet connection type (DSL, ADSL, Cable). You can do this by contacting your internet service provider. Sometimes it isn't always your internet, it can be your computer. Sometimes if you have a slow computer your internet can go slow as a result.

dialup is to slow,I want highspeed,we don't have cable or dish, what are the options?

Internet service is provided in several manners: dialup (typically slow), DSL (requires a phone line and only available in some areas), cable (requires a cable connection) or satellite (has large latency) - Your best option is DSL - check with your phone line provider to see if DSL is available at your location.

What is difference between dsl and dial p connection?

yes dsl is much faster then dial up but for dsl you need to have a modem

Who invented DSL connection?

Henry Fowler

DSL Provider?

form_title=Find a DSL Provider form_header=Wire your residence or business for DSL internet services. How fast of a connection did you want to buy?=_ Do you have a land phone line?= () Yes () No Do you want an always on connection or DSL dial up?= () Always On () Dial-Up Who is your current dsl provider?=_

What is the best broadband internet connection for a rural area?

DSL or Satellite. DSL would be the best of the two. Satellite would have a wicked lag to it for other then web searching and e-mail and the like.

What limits DSL Connection Capacity?

1. Ther is no limit if we are using Optical Fiber DSL Connection 2. There is limit depend on number of nodes