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4th gear is overdrive. the computer locks out overdrive until the Transmission Fluid is up to normal operating temperature. once up to normal temp, the vehicle will shift into overdrive and all is well. there is only a problem if the vehicle does not shift into 4th AFTER reaching proper operating temperature. The thinking is that the transmission warms up faster in 3rd than it would in 4th (overdrive). I believe this type of control is due to environmental laws, or fuel consumption considerations. what confuses me is that the recommended operating procedure when towing or hauling is to manually lock out overdrive in an effort to keep trans fluid cooler. here you have specia controls built into the vehicle to warm up tans fluid faster by using 3rd gear. then, once up to normal temp, you need to lock out 4th because trans fluid will run cooler in 3rd. very odd. I been trying to find out why this is for a long time.

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Q: Why would a Dodge Ram truck have problems shifting from third to fourth gear until warmed up?
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