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It probably is the bearing in the hub in the right rear wheel.

My car is doing the same thing after I got my rear bearing changed. I'm guessing that the screwed up. It's your bearings. It cost me almost $300 not including alignment.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:31:24
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Q: Why would a FWD car make a loud clicking noise from the REAR wheel when you turn?
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Why would one rear wheel make a clicking noise in a 2000 outback sport with drum brakes you can hear it when you brake and when you are not braking?

ticking sound from a wheel is usually a dry or worm wheel or axle bearing

What is the rear noise coming from rear left rear wheel?

The wheel bearing

What would cause a clicking sound from the front wheel of a rear wheel drive car when the car is driving straight?

When you drive over a clicking bettle.

Why would a all wheel drive car make a loud clicking noise in one rear wheel it is a 2000 outback with drum brakes in the back?

Sounds like a bad drive shaft/CV joint

What would make a rattling noise from rear driver side wheel of the car?

your Imagination.... :)

What is the grinding noise in the left rear wheel of my 1993 van?

The wheel bearing?

Why would your car make a knocking noise in the back wheel when you are driving but it stops when you gas or brake?

there could be excessive clearance in the rear differential case if this is a rear wheel drive vehicle.

What causes a clicking noise in the rear air conditioner on a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT?

Apparently it is the rear air "blender" ( whatever that is(?)) My 2003 Explorer was making the loud clicking sound from the rear driver side above the rear left wheel. I lived with it for a month before I just found the answer on the net. I turned off the rear fan control (from the front controls) and the clicking has stopped. I guess there is no more air from the rear now but the clicking has stopped- Car is long been paid off and I'm happy again.

What would be the cause of an intermittent high pitched squealing noise coming from the rear of a 2002 Ford Expedition?

rear differential got lube? rear wheel bearings?

Have a loud noise and shaking in rear of carmaybe a strut?

Bad tire, wheel bearing, bent wheel???

What would cause noise in the rear wheels of a 1990 maxima - drum brakes - when driving. My friend has a 1989 with the exact same noise?

it could be a bad wheel bearing.

Clicking Noise in back brake area when stopping?

the most probable cause of clicking on rear brakes are weak return springs or a broken one.

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