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just had an rac bloke come check my car which was actually overheting,but also suffering from no hot air coming through the heater when switched to hot.

he found it to be the thermostat.

2010-10-31 17:34:13
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What would cause heater to stop blowing on 2006 caravan?

Fuse, switch, speed resistor or motor.

Why does your heater and air keep blowing fuses cannot run it without blowing fuses?

There is an electrical short to ground in the fan switch or in the blower motor itself.

Why would a car heater be blowing cold air?

AnswerBad thermostat, clogged heater core, or a defective heater control switch. If an engine has not been running long it will not have warmed up, the warmth from a car heater usually comes from the engine.

Why would the fuses for the heater keep blowing in a 1985 Blazer?

Beause there is probably a short/bad connection in the switch, or the blower motor itself

2000 jeep Cherokee classic heater only blowing cold air?

Sounds like the cable attached to the switch that changes the pipes to carry warm water has snapped, if you can locate this switch you can do it manually to allow your heater to work, have a look for it around the bulkhead

If there is power to the off switch for the heater is the switch gone?

If you are talking about a wall switch for the heater, check to see if the heater has its own internal thermostat or switch as this might be in the off position and not allow the heater to turn on. If you are talking about a switch on the heater itself, then yes in all probability the switch is not working.

What would keep the heater from blowing hot air in a 2002 olds bravada?

The air doors maybe stuck. Or selector switch is not is not operating correctly.

Where is heater relay switch on 2001 Ford Expedition?

Where is heater control switch

My dodge heater blower control only works on low what might be the problem?

Dodges are good for blowing fuses. If that is not it, the fan switch might need replaced.

If the heater is not working in a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix how do you fix it?

depends. is the fan blowing? if not could be switch. if so you may need to replace the heater core first thing is see if your coolent is low. if it is you will not get any heat

Fuse keeps blowing when heater is switched on y reg ford focus?

Sounds like either the fan speed switch or the fan motor itself might be bad.

Why did your heater in your van stop blowing?

Blown fuse, defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack, Defective Blower Motor, or Defective Blower Motor speed control switch.

2001 Chevy s10 pickup heater fan not blowing?

If the heater fan is not blowing on a 2001 Chevy S10 Pickup, it is possible that the fuse needs replacing. It is also possible that debris is interfering with the operation of the fan. Could also be, a faulty fan motor, a faulty fan motor speed resistor, a faulty fan motor switch,

Ac lines are all cold and sweaty but blowing only hot air inside what causes this?

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that was doing the same thing. The problem was a faulty ac/heater switch. You put the switch on ac, compresser engages, lines get cold and frosty, but only hot air is coming out of the vents, because the switch has changed back to heater even though it shows ac. The cure is to have the center panel which contains the ac/heater switch, fan speed switch and temperature control replaced.

Why does 1990 Chev Cavalier keep blowing fuse for heater blower motor?

You probably have a shorted wire going to the motor or switch. You'll have trace the wires and find the damaged section.

Isuzu trooper seat heater switch?

IT turns the heater on and off!

Why is your indoor fan heater not workin it's just blowing out cold air instead of hot?

Check the thermostat or the thermo switch. Either one might be faulty or there might be a loose wire.

Why is your fan heater control switch is permanently on full even though the switch is on off?

It could be the high speed heater motor relay is stuck on or the switch itself is broken.

What if your heater won't stop blowing even when the car is shut off?

This could possibly mean that the electrical connection for the blower is shorted or grounded or the on/off switch has lost contact. Have this checked with a car electrician.

1997 Pontiac grand prix heater inop on 1 2 3 4 will work on 5 after a while also the drl's come on when fan switch is turned on Any ideas?

The points terminals are probably dity ! Try blowing compressed air into the switch !

Why might a 1994 Lincoln Town Car heater not be working?

HeaterYou might need a new thermostat or heater core.Lincoln put a thermal switch in the hoses that run to the heater core in cars of this age. This switch would not allow the blower motor to run until the coolant was warm. This was a "luxury" feature to keep the heater from blowing cold air on your feet. After a few years these switchs would go bad. This could be your problem. I have replaced mine once and I'm looking into a way to bypass it. You can just use the vent function with heat to keep warm until you replace the switch, that's what I'm doing for now. I believe the switch runs about $50 from FoMoCo. You could also have the problems listed in the other Lincoln town car doesn't have the switch in the heater hose , now where do i look i have good AC but no hot air , where is the vac moter for the heater to outside air switch located ??1994 a breed by its self ?? ill just bet

Why would heater only blow hot air when you turn the temp switch down Replaced temp switch and still does it?

A restricted/plugged heater core can do that. Try flushing the heater core.

Why will the heater in a 1996 Grand Am with 4 pos heater switch not work on HIGH but it works in all 3 other positions?

Your heater switch may not need to be replaced. The heater high position is controlled by a fuse under the hood. Until you find the fuse and replace it, your new switch will not work. JRR.

Why does your heater fan stay on your 1995 Concorde?

The reason a heater fan is staying on may be an issue with the switch. It is possible the switch is stuck open. It may be resolved with a good cleaning of the contacts on the switch, or replacing the switch itself.

Your heater stays on hot continuously any ideas?

replace the heater temperature switch