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This sounds like a bad earth. There will probably be a wire going to ground through a bolt near the rear lamp cluster, on both sides probably. You need to make sure these are on, clean and tight. Remove any dirt/paint/rust etc and refit with a smear of vaseline.

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Q: Why would a Seat Toledo 16v brake lights work only when the lights are not on?
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How do you change brake light switch on a Seat Toledo?

You can change brake light switches on a Seat Toledo by first making sure that the engine of the vehicle is turned of. Then you can replace the old brake light.

Why would a Seat Toledo brake light stay on all the time. I replaced a bulb and now the new tailgate brake bulb is on as a brake light whenever I have my lights on?

Your brake light switch is faulty. It is very difficult to fit the new one as it is a one shot switch (1 chance of putting it in properly).

Why would Seat Toledo boot not open?

A Seat Toledo boots and does not open because of a stuck clip. This clip pulls the lock through the handle and it comes off easily.?æ

Why are the brake lights on all the time on Seat Ibiza?

It could be the brake pedal switch or the rear light cluster circiut boards

How many brake lights has a seat ibiza?

more often than not there are three brake lights. one at eye level on the rear windscreen and one either side of the hatch/boot. Hope this helps

When was the first SEAT Toledo car produced?

The first SEAT Toledo car was produced in 1991. The Toledo is a 5 door liftback similar in design and idea of the Volkswagen Jetta and Corrado. The car is still in production.

What is a part of a car that starts with the letter b?

Battery, belts, blinker lights, brackets, brakes, brake lights and bumper are car parts. Bucket seats, Back seat, Brake booster, Brake pedal, Bulbs, Back-up lights, Bearings, Blower motor, Bezel, Back-up alarm,

Can you drive a golf cart on Michigan public roads?

Not unless they have head/tail/brake lights, license plates and seat belts.

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What would cause 4 lights abs air bag brake seat belt to go on when you start car with foot on brake and place shift into drive - lights go off when you release brake on 1995 Pontiac Sunfire?

Im not sure i have the same issue... let me know if you get an answer email me at Thanks and good luck ill let you know if i find out anything

What are some car parts that begin with the letter B?

Battery, bench seat and bonnet are some car parts.Some more are the boot, brake lights, brake pedal, brakes and bumper.

Where is the fuse for trailer brake lights on a 2001 Toyoto Tacoma?

In the floor cover behind the drivers seat (turn the knob on the cover & lift it out) you'll see some inline fuse holders in the wiring harness........... one of them is the trailer brake lights Good Luck !!!

What is the meaning of the dashboard symbols and warning lights on a Taurus - Sable?

The ABS is for the brake system, BRAKE is for the parking brake, the oil can is for low oil, and the gas light is for low gas. DOOR AJAR means a door is open, the seat belt is for the drivers seat belt, and the engine or CHECK ENGINE is for engine problems.

Who sings new Seat Toledo advert?

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Who sings seat Toledo advert singer?

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Where is the day light running relay on a acura legend ls 1990?

Acura legend ls ( First Generation)G1At night the rear brake lights won't stay ON ...........My rear brake lights would go out only when I pull the E- Brake down?Caution to Driver's behind you use FlashersDaytime running light relay(0099) is mounted on the rear seat of the car (Canada)

Is Lucas County in Cleveland?

Cleveland is the County Seat of Cuyahoga County. Toledo is the County Seat of Lucas County.

How do you reprogramme your key for seat Toledo 1997?

All you need do is go to a Seat dealer, who will then get the code for your car from the manufactures

Fuse location for 2007 Yamaha r1 My brake lights and turn signals quit working?

The fuse i underneath the driver seat and under the controller

Where is the new SEAT Toledo advert filmed?

Gumbet near Bodrum in Turkey.

Is a Seat Leon car available in a hatch back?

The initial SEAT Leon was a hatchback version of the SEAT Toledo. The SEAT Leon is very similar to many Volkswagons. But yes, the SEAT Leon is available in a hatchback.

Where is the fuse panel on a 2001 range rover that contains fuses for brake lights and horn?

Open the front passenger door and the fuse panel is in the side of the passenger seat.

What could possibly be wrong you have a 1999 excel 3 you have no rear brake lights all fuses are fine you turn all lights on the work but no brake lights what could possibly be wrong?

Check to see that the wiring is still in good shape and that they are all connected. As my previous car aged, this was a problem. Also, check the bulbs and their sockets. Sometimes they are dirty or no longer seat probably.

What is the legal definition of road worthy?

For a vehicle, being roadworthy means that the car has a working engine, brakes, proper steering, turn signals, lights (headlight, tail lights, brake and turn lights) and all the required safety equipment like seat belts and airbags.

Why do your brake lights work but not your tail lights on my 1989 Toyota Camry?

Check bulbs -- they are double filamented--smaller filament for stop lights - larger filament is for tailightsDo parking lights and dash lights work? If not could be a fuse or headlight switchCheck your relay switch located in the trunk, on the driver side, near the rear seat. Might be burned out.