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it seems like your red convergence is out, most big screens will allow you to adjust that by going into the menu and under video options i believe search for a convergence heading......if this does not work contact the manufacturer

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โˆ™ 2005-11-27 19:35:34
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Q: Why would a big screen TV picture have a red glow?
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What do Blu-ray players do on a big screen television?

When using a blu-ray player on a big screen TV, you should have a normal, clear picture, just as you would with a blu-ray on any other TV. If your big screen is a HDTV, your picture will be even better!

Why is my big screen tv beeping with no picture?

It is unclear why a big screen TV is beeping with out a picture. There are several different manufactures for televisions that have different reasons for this condition. It is best to check the user guide for troubleshooting information.

What are the benefits of big screen TVs?

There are many benefits in having a big screen TV. One of the benefits is the amazing picture quality that is displayed. Older TVs do not have great picture quality. Another benefit is that a big screen TV provides a wider viewing angle than a smaller TV.

What are the old tv's with the big back on them?

Those were picture-tube TVs. The picture tube was almost as long as the TV screen was wide.

How do you take off the little screen from the upper corner on your tv big screen?

Sounds like you have PIP (picture in picture), so just push the pip button again. That should remove it.

I have a Big screen tv and when viewing a regular channel when using a HDMI cable the picture is cut off on both sides why?

Not all programs are made to fit the 16X9 screen, use the ASPECT button on the remote to make the picture fill the screen.

What is best picture quality big screen tv?

The best, and highest, HDTV quality is 1080p

What is the best big screen LCD TV?

I think Sony is the best big screen LCD TV out there in the market. They have many large screens with great picture quality and the product lasts a long time.

How much does a picture tube cost or a 73'' Mitsubishi big screen television?

Over $2200. dollars.

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What should I worry about in Big LCD screen televisions?

LCD has ghosting that appears with a trail following after the moving object,and LCD TV's are typically more expensive for a lower quality picture in a big screen TV.

What is a big screen?

A big screen is a screen upon which movies are projected.

The screen has a gray line on each side the picture is not across the entire screen of my big screen zeneith t.v.?

that's just the aspect, you should be able to change it with the remote that you're zenith came with.

Which command is used to view the picture in full screen?

Maximise icon, top right of screen, middle box of three boxes, between dash and big x

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What do I do if my tv 65 big screen has shades of blue in the screen?

how do i get the blue blurr off of my tv screen of ny pansonic big tv screen

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