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Insecurity. They aren't very creative or interesting by themselves, so they need to create drama in life.

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Why can you have a boyfriend?

You should not start out with marriage start with boyfriend and girlfriend

How do you know if a boy wants to be boyfriend and girlfriend?

Start by asking him.

What is the common dating age?

Well, if you are actually going places together on "dates" then around 9th grade, but if you are only boyfriend and girl friend you can start, at the youngest(!), 5th grade although I recommend 7th grade. Hope this was helpful! P.S. I started boyfriend girlfriend 6th grade (non seriously), and 7th graded (seriously) :)

How do you get a girlfriend when she is not interested in you?

you cant. unless you start changing to the boyfriend she wants

What do you do if your friend touches your private and your not boyfriend girlfriend but you like her?

touch his/hers ooooo yer.....but no seriously u could start a realationship hope this helps and if u need more advise email me ( and i will respond a.s.a.p

Is it bad to have a boyfriend at age 13?

No , it is deffinitally not bad to have a boyfriend at 13 . This is around the age when you start to mature , and think more seriously about boys , and you have plenty of time to date , so you can start whenever you want . (:

How old do you have to be to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?

a good age to start dating is 16 your driving and you are more responsible.

How old do you have to be to actually have a boyfriend and or a girlfriend?

Well, there isn't really a age where you can actually start having a boyfriend or girlfriend the most popular age is 15-17 when you start having proper relationships but, some children have boyfriends at the age of 5 which is way to young.

At what age can you get a girlfriend?

Technically, u can get a girlfriend/boyfriend at any age but usually, girlfriends/boyfriends start appearing at around 11-13 years old

How do you get your boyfriend to text you first?

What my girlfriend did was say that if you dont start texting me without me having to text you then we just won't talk until you start texting me first

What does a boyfriend think when after him and his girlfriend start dating and then her grades start failing does he blame himself for that?

well, that is quite a coincidence but it is most definietly not his fault she should learn how to keep up with her grades & have a boyfriend if she can't, well then he's too good for her [:

Should 10 year olds start dating?

no maybe 6th or 7th grade but in 5th you can be good friends but not boyfriend and girlfriend!!!

What to do on a date with your new boyfriend?

Just talk to start with and then just go with the flow .. seriously that's what boys like i promise u baby girl xxx

How old is the average age to start having a girlfriend or boyfriend?

It really depends on each individual person, but the average age is about sixteen from my sources.

How do you act when you meet ex boyfriend girlfriend?

When i see my ex boyfriend at high school to be honest i start acting all lik kool and stuff i dont no why but it seems to work because he looks at me lol!

Can you start a question with Seriously thought?

No. You can start a question with "Seriously, though," but you may want to limit that to informal speech.

When did boyfriend start?

Start what?

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to take this relationship slow?

He means start looking for a new boyfriend, because he's looking for a new girlfriend.

What does be more open mean?

It Really depends on the situation, I.E. Your girlfriend/boyfriend tells you to start being more open..Express your feeling more.

What if a boy has a girlfriend but you want him to be your boyfriend?

Just wait a few.. he'll probably come around.. or be mean a tell some to start a rumor and the chick...

How did people start believing in the Tooth Fairy?

Their parents

What is the difference from talking to being boyfriend girlfriend?

* Depending on the age of the person, if one is very young then just seeing each other on a steady basis is considered boyfriend and girlfriend. He may ask you to a dance or movie. When older the young man will usually just start dating you on a steady basis and you are in a relationship.

What are tips to get back and ex boyfriend that hates you and has a new girlfriend?

No matter how broken hearted you are you are not listening to what your ex boyfriend is saying. I doubt he hates you, but he has moved on and has a new girlfriend. No one likes to feel rejected by someone they care about, but it happens to all of us at some time in our lives. He has made it clear that you are not getting back together; has his new girlfriend so you should be mature enough to face up to that and move on; start going out with friends and then start dating other young men. If you were meant to be with your ex boyfriend you would be together, but fate has stepped in and he is not the one for you and if you start datingsoon sometime in the future you will meet a special young man that you should be with.

How do you start a romantic relationship on the sims sociallatio?

You do romantic actions until the option "propose going steady" comes up. Click that and your sim will have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

How can you found out if your boyfriend have a will?

i would start by asking your boyfriend.