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Sounds like the gun already had a round in the chamber. One should always make sure the gun is unloaded before storage.

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How do you know if theres a bullet in a rifle chamber?

By opening the action

Why is long rifle bullet hitting side of chamber when shorts are no broblem at all?

You need the services of a good gunsmith.

Bow is to arrow as rifle is?

to Bullet.

When a bullet is fired from a rifle does the bullet have a greater momentum and kinetic energy than the rifle?

The momenta of the rifle and the bullet are equal and opposite. The bullet has greater kinetic energy than the rifle.

What is an analogy that goes with bow and arrow?

Rifle and bullet (The bullet is dependent on the rifle to accomplish its purpose)

What does a barrel assembly do on a rifle?

The barrel guides and accelerates the bullet out of the rifle, and imparts spin to the bullet to stabilize the bullet in flight.

What can humans technically not do in one minute?

A Human Cannot cleanup the Rifle within one minute, i mean not only cleaning the bullet chamber

Can a 22 magnum shoot 22 long rifle bullets?

NO! The .22 mag case is larger in diameter than the .22 long rifle case thus the chamber of a .22 mag gun is too large for a .22 long rifle bullet. If the bullet does fire, the case will split with unpleasant and innaccurate results.

Can you shoot a 22 short rifle bullet out of a 22 long rifle?

Usually. They may not feed well in semi auto, pump or lever guns. Some will, some won't. But if it will chamber it will shoot.

When a bullet is fired from a rifle?

d) they have the same momentum,but the bullet has greater kinetic energy the the rifle

What is the chamber pressure of the Mini-14 rifle?

Chamber pressure is determined by the cartridge, not the rifle.

Do you have to have the magazine in for glenfield model 20 to eject the shell? do not have to have clip in rifle for it to eject shell casing. You can use without clip and load one bullet at a time. Alot of rifle ranges want it done that way because there is less chance of bullet remaining in chamber..good luck

What is the average size of a assault rifle bullet?

There is no one answer- it depends on the rifle. They are generally less powerful than a full size battle rifle cartridge. The M16 rifle uses a 5.56mm bullet, the AK47 a 7.62mm bullet, etc.

What kind of bullet do you use with a Revelation Model 120 rifle?

Have it examined by a good gunsmith. This rifle use a .22 caliber bullet, long rifle.

Why a force of returning of the rifle is smaller than that of the bullet?

because the bullet and the rifle have equal and opposite direction,so a bullet have high kinetic energy and momentum

Why does heavy rifle not kick as strong as light rifle using same bullet?

Equal and opposite reaction. With a heavier firearm, recoil is trying to overcome the greater inertia of a heavier mass.

Can you use 38 or 38 special bullet in a rifle?

To the best of my knowledge, no manufacturer has even made a .38 Special rifle, so no. .38 Special can be used in .357 Magnum revolvers, but that's because revolvers don't have a headspaced chamber - this cannot be done in firearms which have a headspaced chamber (as rifles typically do).

How do you load gamo 22 air rifle?

its a break barrel so through the chamber feed hole just put the bullet in and close it up and your ready to shoot

What do people do to kill black bears?

In order to kill a bear, a hunting rifle has to be used. The person aims the rifle at the bear's head or behind the elbow, and squeezes the trigger, firing a bullet from the magazine, though the chamber straight to the target.

How do you load a Winchester Model 94 30-30 lever action rifle?

Cartridges are pushed bullet-first into the loading gate on the right side of the rifle. After the magazine is loaded in this way, the lever is operated to chamber a cartridge.

How does a rifle caliber mean?

The correct size of the bullet that fits the rifle.

What is a sears 22 rifle?

A rifle that shoots a .22 caliber bullet.

Did the bullets get stuck in the fire chamber of the 1861 springfield rifle?

the 1861 springfield was of the cap and ball type. gun powder was poured down the barrel then a lead bullet was also tamped down the barrel over the powder. the powder was ignited with a percussion cap. if the powder was wet or damp, the rifle would not fire. the shooter would then have to place a worm screw on the end of his cleaning rod in order to extract the lead bullet and powder. as outlined note there is no bullet chamber other then the barrel itself.

What is the function of the rifle in shooting an elephant?

Basically, a rifle is a place to direct the explosion of gunpowder directly to the bullet to increase the efficiency of gunpowder so the bullet can travel faster, and increase the bullet's momentum so it does more damage. The rifle also is used to increase the accuracy of the bullet. By focusing the blast directly behind the bullet, the bullet is more likely to travel in the intended direction. Striations in the rifle also spin the bullet so it corkscrews forward, making the path of the bullet straighter.

What is the muzzle velocity of a .45 caliber bullet from an top class sniper rifle?

The .45 caliber bullet is not used in a sniper rifle.