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Q: Why would a car start making a rattle noise from inside the engine?
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What animal or insect makes a baby rattle noise?

Where I live I hear these beetles making a rattle noise. And we all know snakes. I can hear the beetles now. It's beautiful.

What snake rattles but does not have a rattle?

Many different non venomous snakes will rattle their tails against leaves and dry grass to make a "rattle" noise to try to fool an potential predator. Making this noise will possibly fool an animal or person into thinking it is a rattlesnake.

What is the rattle noise coming from catalytic converter?

the substrate inside is breaking up,your cat-con is shot!!

How do prevent Honda 2004 engine noise?

It depends on what is making the noise.

What is the noise inside your timing cover?

Engine tappets

Is there a ball in a rattlesnake's tail?

Nope - the rattle noise is caused by the last few segments of a Rattle snake's tail rubbing together - creating the classic rattle noise.

Your bmw318seiyear1999 has alot of engine noise in the cockpit but none outside the car; the exhaust is fine Is this cockpit engine noise normal?

exhaust sytem making contact with underside or engine mount damaged/worn, the sound will resonate inside the car but not outside.

What in a automobile engine serves no purpose but without it the engine does not work?

Noise. Without noise, it can't work. Noise is in an engine, and without it does not work. Every engine has to make some kind of noise, internal or external, inside or outside the engine.

How do you say a car 'rattle' in Hebrew?

rattle (car noise) = nekisha (נקישה)

Is motor noise common in 2001 ford focus bought another motor with 45k miles put it in and has the same noise?

Noise is common from any engine, the TYPE of noise is what you should worry about. Is it a knocking noise? hum? squeak? rattle?

What are the symptoms of a bad Catalytic converter in a Dodge Dakota?

i had one go bad an it started out with a slight rattle when the engine was running at idle. You cannot notice the noise at speed . Took the truck to a muffler shop and had it inspected and replaced. you could shake the cat and hear the baffle rattle inside

You put a jdm h22a engine in your 1992 Honda prelude and now its making a knocking noise what could it be?

There could be a problem with low old causes the pistons to rattle. There could also be a problem with the rocker arm.

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