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Why would a car vibrate when it goes over 70?


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2009-06-27 19:13:33
2009-06-27 19:13:33

Vibrations are usually caused by an imbalance of a spinning part. Tires, wheels, CV joints/axles, or large engine components can either be damaged and become "out-of-round", or in the case of tires, the steel belts can shift inside of the tire, causing vibration that can be felt through the steering wheel. In general, start with the tires, eliminating problems along the way, and work toward the inside of the car. Have your tires balanced, and get an alignment check. That should take care of the problem (and should be done on aregular basis anyway). It is important to take care of the vibration right away, even if you can "live with it". Out of balance equipment like that can cause other damage within the car, and can make the vehicle unsafe to drive.


i have a small truck i put tires on it had them on it for about 8 moths . it vibrated in the front bad i could not get anyone to tell me why they told me this and that. i just gave up so one day i chose to buy tires and the tire shop guy siad oh you want light truck tires so i said sure why not the shaking and vibrating stopped. moral of the story i had car tires and NOT truck tires. for what its worth it helped my vibrating. it stopped it....


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My guess would be a bad wheel bearing up front.

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i nono cave man, we have no car

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You have warped brake rotors. Replacement or machine work is required to stop that condition.

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Not all Altima's vibrate. If the car is vibrating, it may mean that there is something wrong with the tires.

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