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Why would a cat like to sit in the bathroom when its owner showers?



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My 2 and a half month old kitten will sit in the bathroom and stare at the shower until I get out, meowing as if she's scared. In my case, I think it's because I raised her from about a week old (bottle fed and everything) so she may just be worried because she can't see her mom/doesn't understand what the shower is.

Otherwise, I'm really not sure. I was hoping to know the answer myself.


Steamy Cat

What better way to provide a full report to the other cats in the neighborhood? No actually, this may be just your cat and if its something they've been doing since they were a kitten, they don't know any better. It may be also that the cat is experiencing separation anxiety, even though you are just entering another room of the house.


although cats do love attention and company they are very independent animals and are capable of being in one room while you are in another,

its far more likely that your cat ,as all cats do, loves the heated temperature of the room, my cat used to sit next to me in the bath, also the microwave, cooker, kettle and even a cup of tea just made

so i wouldn't worry about separation anxiety just yet until you have more evidence of that.


It could also just be that your cat likes to be where you are sometimes, or particularly, he likes to be near you when you're cleaning. Cats tends to groom together if they are in the same family pack.

Heck my cat likes to use the bathroom when i do (his litterbox is in the bathroom) explain that.