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Q: Why would a fund propose an amendment to restrict fund borrowing?
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If you are elected as a U.S. Representative what laws would you propose?

Propose a balanced budget amendment.

What branch of the government would propose a school prayer Amendment?

The government of the United States is broken into three branches. The one that would propose and pass an Amendment on school prayer is the legislative branch or Congress.

What founding father originally proposed what would become the 27th Amendment 200 years later?

The founding fathers did not propose the 27th amendment. They were dead by that time. I found out from my teacher that it was a trick questions.

How could one of the major organizations within the federal government effectively overcome the supreme courts ruling to allow federal government to outlaw burning a flag?

Congress could propose a constitutional amendment that would outlaw flag burning

Could congress pass a law that would reduce the number of senators from the state of Rhode Island to one?

The number of senators per state is a provision of the US constitution and it therefore can only be changed by a constitutional amendment. Congress would be able to propose such an amendment, if it wished to do so, but the amendment would have to be ratified by the state legislatures before it would become part of the constitution.

Can the legislative branch propose constitutional amendments?

Congress can propose an amendment to the constitution as long as there is a two thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives as well as the Senate. The only other way to propose an amendment would be through a constitutional convention with a two thirds vote from all the states' legislatures.

What amendment did John Quincy Adams propose?

He proposed that further enslavement would stop or lessen as the years go by or to completely get rid of enslavement all together and not worry about it.

Can people bypass the congress and still get an amendment passed?

Not entirely, although in theory there is a way to only indirectly involve Congress. If three-fourths of the states, through their legislatures, petition Congress to create a convention to propose amendments, then Congress is required to do so. However, this doesn't guarantee that the convention will propose the specific amendment any given group would like to see.

How do you propose a homely girl?

The exact same way you would propose anyone you'd want to propose.

What did John Quincy Adams change in the US Constitution?

The President can not change the US Constitution. He can not propose amendments not does he approve or disprove proposals for amendments. (He could come out for or against a proposed amendment, but it would only be an opinion.) Not amendment were ratified or proposed by Congress while Adams was in office.

What are the two ways an amendment can be proposed to the Constitution?

congress can propose an amendment by a two-thirds vote in both houses or the legislatures of two thirds of the states(34 of 50)can ask congress to call a national convention to propose an amendment.

What is renming in math?

Renaming is the same thing as borrowing. If the problem was 62 - 35 you would have to rename the 2 borrowing from the 6.which would become 5. In your example there is no need to rename since 65 - 32 can be subtracted without borrowing.