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Gas ovens usually use one of the surface burners as an exhaust for the oven, therefore the surface burners (usually just one) get hot durng the use of the oven.

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Q: Why would a gas stove have hot burners?
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Why would a gas stove have a hot burner when not in use?

a stove top is attached to the top of the oven.. the heat goes through. therefore it gets hot.

How hot does the stovetop get on standard old school gas x4 burners?

300 degrees

When a metal pan is heated on the stove this is an example of heat transferred by what?

Convection - Hot air circulating from a heater Conduction - A hot stove with a pan on it Radiation - A hot stove

Can you change a 110 stove to 220?

Not easily. It's a lot like changing a Ford to a Chevy ... the only thing you can keep is the body. You can run the stove on 110 just as it is, but the burners will only get 1/4 as hot, and if it has anything on it besides burners and an oven, none of the other things will work.

How do you paint an over the stove range?

An over-the-stove range is an appliance that is mounted level with the counter-top, but not necessarily over a built-in stove. This gets Very hot from the burners. The only materials that I have seen used here are steel, glass, or porcelain. I would discourage the use of even high temperature paint.

Can you use a shop vac to clean your stove and oven?

You may use your Shop-Vac for this type of application if the stove is not hot or the crumbs/debris is not hot either. I would not recommend doing this with a gas stove as the motors are open face bypass motors which can cause a spark leading to explosion if the gas was inadvertently left on. Dave

What would be an estimate of an electric bill for a 2000 sq f home that has gas heat gas hot water tank and gas stove?

It is difficult to come up with an estimate of an electric bill cost for a 2000 square foot home that has gas-fueled heat, hot water, and a stove. The cost of electricity varies depending on where you live. A conservative estimate would be in the $300 range.

How important is natural gas to humans?

it is very important it is what you use on the stove and makes it hot

Is or are the stove hot?

the stove is an appliance that is hot, used for cooking!

What are the different types of gas burner?

Standing PilotSome gas burners have a standing pilot, which means a flame is constantly burning beneath the cook top. While this is a simple design, the standing pilot consumes more energy than other gas burners.Electric IgnitionGas burners with electric ignitions are the most common. Electric sparks ignite the burners, briefly producing a clicking noise. The resulting flame can be regulating by a knob on the stove.Sealed BurnersSealed burners may not burn as hot as the other two types of burners. However, they are fused with the cook top and surrounded by a bowl that catches spills and debris. They are easier to clean than most burners.

What is the duration of Hot Stove?

The duration of Hot Stove is 3600.0 seconds.

What are cooktops?

A cooktop is a cooking unit that has burners or hot plates that use electricity or gas to heat food. A cooktop can be an individual unit or it can be built into a countertop.