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Why would a guy ask you who you like if he already has a girlfriend and does not seem interested?


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he has a friend that likes you.

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He is likely making conversation with you and realizes your single - nothing really more than that.

If you like him enough, ask him. If you are just interested, get a friend to ask one of his friends if he has one.

yes!!! ~ No. Sorry, but he has a girlfriend. If she's his girlfriend, that means he's not completely interested in anyone else, otherwise the other person would be his girlfriend.

No Justin Bieber does not have a girlfriend. He is totally single.

It really doesn't mean anything nor would I read too much into it. He doesn't seem to be interested in you as you are him as well as he has a girlfriend - let him be and focus your interest elsewhere.

of course he is ! he doesn't like you so get over it

FLIRT WITH HIM! And, when he talks about flaws in their relationship, show him that you would be better off with him then she is.

Ask yourself how you would feel if you were the girlfriend. If he is so ready to cheat on her, he will probably do it to you to. IOW...wait until he is single.

if he has a girlfriend maybe he isn't your true love.....think about it

If this is something you are interested in then give it a try. If something like this is something you would rather do without then let her know you are not interested in trying this type of sexual play out.

Talk to lots of girls. Find out what they like to do and what they are interested in. One of them will become your great girlfriend. Don't hurry.

He probably means that he would like to have sex with you but nothing else, because he already has a girlfriend and he isn't going to split up with her.

you try to get rid of his girlfriend or become friends then tell him about something bad about his girlfriend tell girlfriend how nasty he is

Do nothing until their relationship ends. You would seem like the relationship destroyer if you made a move now.

act like you are not bothered soon they will break up!

In brief; if she has a boyfriend, don't ask her out. I am sure you would not like it if someone were to ask your girlfriend out when they knew she was already with someone.

It looks like he already have one!

If they have a girlfriend and you think they like you chances are you may being seeing what you want to as he is choosing to stay with his girlfriend - he likely is not interested in you as you would like. It is best if you let them be and move on.

Yes. == == No. Yes I like Chris Brown a lot.No because Chris Brown already has a girlfriend and he is dating a model.No because Chris Brown already has a girlfriend and he is dating a model.

Tell her to leave you alone; if you like her back, don't drag your girlfriend along.

If he already has a girlfriend, likes this girl a lot, and they are comfortable together, then you should not be trying to get this guy away from her. It will only cause problems, mostly for you.

You have a crush on an older guy.He probably already knows that you like him, but is more interested in girls (or boys) his own age.

Would you like to be my girlfriend

No its not wrong to be mad at all... it sounds like this guy was seeing if you were interested before dumping his girlfriend, that way if you werent interested he'd still have his girlfriend. cut your losses and move on!!:)

if he is interested go for it you guys should be boyfriend and girlfriend i hope it works out

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