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Why would a guy tell a girl that she needed to gain some weight?

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June 08, 2005 6:25PM

There are so many young women that are so into being skinny and to what they think the perfect body should be, that society has been conditioned to the fact that any skinny young woman has to be Bolemic or have Anorexia. Bolemia is when someone eats a lot, but then hurls it up shortly after they ate (they force themselves to vomit.) Anorexia is a very serious disease and scientists are beginning to realize it's a glitch in the brain, just like having depression, etc. Even the elderly can refuse to eat when getting much older as it's a "control issue" and not eating is screaming out to the world you have one thing in your life you can control. However, both Bolemia and Anorexia can become a deadly disease to have. Having Bolemia you will eventually have problems holding any food down and because the stomach is a muscle it will have become so used to bringing up the food it will eventually start doing it on its own and with Anorexia the poor young woman believes she truly is fat even though she is skeletal in appearance and finds it difficult to eat until she ends up not eating anything at all. If you aren't on some sort of weird diet to lose weight and you don't have Bolemia or Anorexia and your gene pool just has you as a thin type of person, then speak up and tell the person making this remark, that "you are who you are ... take it or leave it!" I believe this guy may be concerned about you. Now you have to ask yourself (by looking at your mother, grandmother and aunts) are you skinny by genes or are you fooling around with fade diets or not eating well? Marcy