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kidney stones will do it.

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Would you go out with a guy with a small dick?

I don't really care what size a guys dick is at least he has one

How do you grab a guys dick?

You grab his dick with your hand and pull or massage it

Can a man bleed from getting a dick up his ass?


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It depends on the guys name, but in general, Dick.

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after the dick has broken the hymen you loose it, but you can still call yourself that, due to the fact your sill "tight" down there, but most guys wouldn't count you as one.

Why do a pussy bleed when a dick gos in it?

cuz it's breaking the hymen.

How do you eat a guys dick?

Use your teeth!

Do guys bleed when they lose their virginty?

Under normal circumstances, no.

Could you get pregnant when on top of a guys dick?


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nopes its all muscle :)

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No ... only around its base.

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you hold the guys dick and you put it on

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It gets hard and the guys day improves by 100%

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yes it can an if it does you sould get checked out cuz u can have something.

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A guys dick who has never been laid.

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You don't.

Does smoking pot make a guys dick longer?


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I belive it would bleed blood.......

How much would one bleed if they were stabbed?

It would depend on where you were stabbed, but you would generally bleed a lot.

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By letting guys not her husband get there dick wet

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Well most guys are into that thing, so yes, guys like it when a girl(or guy if gay) touch their penis.

When your rat bit you she made you bleed?

This is not a question, but you would bleed.

What are the release dates for The Dick Tracy Show - 1961 Rock-a-Bye Guys - 1.44?

The Dick Tracy Show - 1961 Rock-a-Bye Guys - 1.44 was released on: USA: 1961