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Monitor Stuck in Power Save ModeFirst I would check your bios there should be a option to enter setup when you power up you PC. If you have an on board video that was being used prior to installing the new card, it may still be selected in your bios, you will have to connect your monitor to the onboard port then make the changes to bios. It should be as simple as choosing to turn off onboard video card.

if this isn't the solution then try the following.

I would suggest updating drivers before installing a new video card however if you already have the card in and have yet to install the drivers, a possible work around is to boot into windows safe mode hold f8 after turning on power this should bring up a boot menu choose safe mode, from there you should be able to either update drivers (not sure if this is possible in safe mode) or choose a generic video display adapter then restart and update drivers.

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Q: Why would a monitor remain in power save mode after installing a Radeon 9250 graphics card?
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