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I got my belly pierced July of last year. The guy who pierced it told me not to go swimming for 6 weeks until it healed. You can not use any lotion on the piercing either. You can only use soap and water to clean it out. It may burn, but that is what he told me to use. I hope that this helps.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-04 17:51:07
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Q: Why would a new navel piercing have brown all around it?
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How do you bathe with a new navel piercing?

As you would without a navel piercing, just be sure the navel piercing is the last thing you clean before you exit the bath.

Does a nose or navel piercing hurt worse?

I have both, and defin0ately the nose hurts more. I would say the navel piercing hurts around 1/10 compaired to the nose =] hope this helps XX

What should you do after getting a belly piercing?

I would suggest going to the emergency room for medical assistance, if you mean a "navel piercing" then follow the written aftercare instructions provided to you by your professional body piercer. FYI no one does "Belly Piercing", if you find a place that does "Belly Piercing" that's not the place to get your "navel piercing" from. Seriously

Most popular piercing for girls?

The navel seems to be the most popular piercing I have seen on girls. The nose would be second place.

Does navel shape actually affect whether or not a piercing would be ejected over time?

Actually, it is more a problem of how much skin is available in the piercing area, and how thick that skin is. Thin skin is more likely to allow the piercing to eject. Check with a licensed body piercer and let them assess your navel skin where the piercing would be.

Would a barbell or a ring be better in a navel piercing?

barbell is better because if you get a ring it rotates around and the bacteria gets inside the piercing also if you get it pierced with a ring you might have difficulty putting a barbell in later

How do you fix a crooked navel piercing?

All navel piercings are crooked to some extent. Now if yours is completely lopsided then it would be best to take it out and get it repierced.

Get pierced in the early stage of pregnancy?

Why would you get your navel pierced in the early stage of pregnancy? YES im assuming you mean a navel piercing. Otherwise what was the point of asking this.

Why would a navel piercing gradually tear through?

This Is Called, Growing Out Or Rejecting. This Can Happen To Any Person That Gets A Navel Piercing. It Can Affect Younger People Because As You Grow, The Piercing Can Gradually Be Pushed To The Suface Of Skin, And You Will Have To Take It Out. But If This Does Happen You Can Get It Repierced, You Just have To Let It Heal First. x

Does a pierced navel affect your sinuses?

If your sinuses are effected by a navel piercing that would make you a candidate for the Guinness world book of records. There is no way your sinuses would be effected by a navel piercing the two don't event come close to each other. Your sinuses are in your head, that's the cavity covered by your nose. So relax there is no danger of the two bothering each other.

Would New-Skin Liquid Band-Aid cover up a Navel Piercing to where it almost looking like you never had the piercing there in the first place?

if you do it right

If you get a naval piercing and it migrated completely out of your body and fell out can you get it pierced again?

Yes you can get it repierced however I would suggest a bent barbell or a navel gem this will avoid external irritation and allow the piercing to be done a bit deeper than the first time around.

How long does it take for a navel piercing to heal?

For a navel piercing it may take 3 months to a year (sometimes a little longer) to completely heal. My navel only took 2 months for mine to heal. I was told it would take 4-6 months by the place I had it done. However, according to professionals, it can take up to a year to heal completely.

How long does your belly button stay dark after you get it pierced?

Your Navel piercing shouldn't be dark. I would suggest you go back and see your piercer.

Is it bad for a 13 year old to get her navel pierced?

yes it is bad, its not recommended by anyone to get a belly button piercing at a young age like 13. my sister is a doctor and says it is possible to get a disease by getting it pierced. if you want a piercing on your navel i think a good age would be 16 and over. -hope this helped

What if the navel ring is going down in the navel piercing hole?

Well I am going to assume you have a navel gem or a bent barbell and the ball is sinking into the top hole of the piercing (this is because your question wasn't clear enough). That would be a sign that the piercing jewellery is too short for the piercing and you are going through some swelling. You should get into your local body piercing studio and have the jewellery changed as soon as possible, left unresolved this can cause serious issues for your piercing. All piercings discharge during the initial stages of healing, this discharge matter needs to be washed away daily so the piercing can heal. If the matter is left and not cleaned away the piercing can swell and become infected. Aftercare is a daily requirement and not an option, it needs to be done every day to maintain a health piercing. If the jewellery is too short it can block the entry and exit points of the piercing stopping the piercing discharge from draining and thus causing further complications to occur.

Can you use unionized table salt for a navel piercing?

You can but the question is "why would you". See the page link, further down this page, for more details about aftercare.

What is the proper way to sleep after getting a navel piercing?

Face up would be best, putting a band-aid over it before you get into bed will protect it.

How long is a belly button piercing supposed to stay red for?

Actually not long at all. See it's the clothing and shirts and other layers that cause irritation to the navel piercing. If the piercing were done and left uncovered except for sleeping (bed sheets etc.) the piercing would look not bad maybe a very small red circle around the top exit point. So redness comes with the territory of clothing and irritation, this can be expected for a period of 3 to 6 months depending on the weather and the amount of clothing you wear over the navel. Remember regardless of what anyone tells you who isn't a professional body piercer navel piercing take a good year to heal and become seasoned* (* toughened up). So be nice to it and when possible give it all the fresh air you can.

Is it bad to get your belly button periced?

Not at all, if you have the right body for it. The only reason a navel piercing would be "bad" is if you have a body that interferes with the healing process. To see if your body is suited for a navel piercing, you should:Sit down in a chair or at your bedside, in a relaxed positionLook to see if your belly button gets tucked under your skin (most girls thing these rolls of skin are "fat," but anyone can have this effect, no matter what they weigh)If your belly button tucks under, your body is probably not fit for a navel piercing.Another way to check is to see if you have a horizontal dent/line that goes across your abdomen (naturally or when sitting). If so, then your body is probably not a good candidate for a navel piercing.

How much does a navel piercing cost at Way of Ink?

I would say, no more than $50 or so dollars. Including the ring. Aren't very pricey.

Will a navel piercing interfear with the meridians and shockras in your stomach?

This question would best be answered by someone who is familiar with meridians and shockras and ancient herbal and mystic medicine.

Would it help if you pit ice on your dimple piercing if you have a lump around it?

NO. It'd help if you went to a piercing shop and asked them what was wrong with your piercing. The lump around it could be a sac of infection.

How can you tell if a navel piercing is infected?

Usually, there is a little white goop coming out, but that's normal. If the stuff coming out turns darker, or has a greenish-yellow-ish, or even brown tint to it, it's probably infected. If there's a lot of bleeding, and it's very sensitive even after 3 or so weeks after the initial piercing, I would go back and check with your piercer.

How long do you have to leave a navel piercing in for after you get it pierced?

6 months to a year. 6 months is really early though so I would say 9 to 12 months.