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Why would a rabbit die over night?


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It could be many things old age, sickness, eating something it should have not, on

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If one of the species in the ecosystem overpopulates or is over-hunted, it causes a ripple effect. For example, if foxes stopped being hunted, they would overpopulate, which would lead to a decline in the rabbit population. Then, the rabbits would be over-hunted, and the foxes would die out and the rabbits would overpopulate. They would eat all of the vegetation, and it would die out. Then the rabbits would die. Then the foxes would die.

A rabbit needs plants to survive because a rabbit is an herbivore. Without plants, it would surely die; no food.

YES, BECAUSE IF rabbits would not eat they would die.

Never let a wild rabbit and domestic rabbit breed, although if they got the chance then they would... I have had a rabbit die from meeting a wild rabbit... from me, rabbit breeder...

You could eat all kinds of rabbit, but you cannot live on rabbit meat alone, there are no vitamins in rabbit meat so you would die of malnutrition.

no it woundn't.. rabbits don't care if others die.. a mother rabbit would eat one of her babys if it it woudn't rot away in front of her other babys

Unlikely. However, a rabbit can die of shock, so be careful!

Rabbit Brown died in 1937.

It depends on the type of rabbit you are refereeing to. Rabbits come in different breeds(desert rabbits,snow rabbits,etc).each breed of rabbits have evolved to survive in a particular climatic condition.desert rabbits would die in a cold climate and a snow rabbit would die in a the answer is NO

The baby rabbit can die. The dogs can give it a heart attack!! :(

Yes. I've had a rabbit named Clorox die of heat and a rabbit named Bella die of cold.

No they can't die from eating candy.It is gist not healthy for a rabbit to eat candy.

The mother rabbit feeds the young once a day and at night. Then she will stay away from the nest. Bottle feeding is a bad idea because if you are not trained you will overfeed them and they will die a painful death.

Unless you got a baby wild rabbit (before it's eyes opened) and bottle fed it you would be unlikely to befriend a wild rabbit and cuddle with it like you could a domestic rabbit. If you caged it it would probably die from the stress.

no, because they will fight and may die

Rabbit Benton died on 1984-06-07.

Rabbit Warstler died on 1964-05-31.

Rabbit Robinson died on 1915-04-09.

Rabbit Nill died on 1962-05-24.

Not long at all. They will die very soon. Please, If you can't take care of it give it away. We don't need more dead animals due to people adopting random animals they like and not knowing how to take care of it.

The rabbit will die and you will be arrested for cruelty to animals.

If you give a bunny a banana it would be more likely to die and suck my balls

There is no breed of rabbit that doesn't die easily if it isn't properly cared for. See the related questions below for information about pet rabbit care and behaviour.

we would die or we could heal our selves but most likely we would die.

can unhook the battery cable over night and it will run good for a little while

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