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Noble gasses are nonreactive and would prevent air from entering the container, protecting the "super reactive element" from exposure to air that it might react with.

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Q: Why would a scientist store a super reactive element in a container with another element from the noble gas family?
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When is an element said to be chemically reactive?

An element is said to be chemically reactive when it combines with another element. These two elements will create a new compound.

How reactive is the element silicon?

How reactive is the element silicon?

How easily one thing reacts with another is?

It is called a reactive element or compound.

Which element would be most reactive?

Fluorine is the most reactive element.

Is caesium reactive or non reactive?

Caesium is an extremely reactive chemical element.

Is californium reactive or stable?

The element Californium is reactive.

What is the lightest reactive element?

Hydrogen is not only the lightest element of all, it is also very reactive.

How reactive is the element silver?

It is the fourth least reactive element, followed by Mercury, Gold and Platinum.

Is plutonium highly reactive are non reactive?

Plutonium is a reactive chemical element.

Which is most reactive element?

Fluorine(F2) is the most reactive element, known to react with even Xenon, Krypton, Gold, Platinum, etc.

If you find an element in nature in its pure elemental state what can you infer about the element's chemical reactivity?

It has low to no reactivity because if it was reactive, then it would bond (react) with another element.

What happens in a single - replacement reaction?

A more reactive element displace the less reactive element from a compound.Example: Fe + CuSO4 = Cu + FeSO4