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Why would a sewing machine not pick up the bobbin thread?

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2014-03-28 17:31:31

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There is one fact that gets overlooked often. Make certain that

your bobbins are the exact ones recommended for your machine. Many

look similiar, but if they are off even slightly in depth, they

will not work. Also, make certain your bobbin in locked into

position in it's case and the thread is coming from the bobbin in

the correct direction. When holding my metal bobbin in my hand, the

thread pulls counter clockwise before placing it into my front

loading bobbin case. Each machine is different so check your


You can also check that your presser plate is in correctly and

without burrs. Good luck and I hope this works.

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There are several reasons why this would happen. In order of


- You are not holding the thread tails when starting a seam -

The needle is not properly installed in the needlebar - The machine

is not threaded properly - The machine needs adjustment or


--Check that your needle is not installed backwards. On my

Singer the full-length groove (not the short partial groove) has to

face you.

---Check needle is not bent.

---Check to make certain that the bobbin you are using is the

correct one for your machine and that it is set in the case


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