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Why would a vehicle shake when in park?

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Is the engine running?! If so, you've got a rough idle. Could be bad ignition timing, or the ignition (suppression) wires are worn out. Or perhaps you've got a vacuum leak. If the car really shakes when you rev the engine, you mighta busted an engine mount.

2006-07-21 20:30:27
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Why would a 2002 Chevy Impala shake when trying to stop the vehicle?

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What would cause a vehicle to shake when driving?

It needs an front end alinement or your tires & wheels need rotated

Does a steering wheel shake damage the vehicle?

Not the steering wheel shake itself, however what is causing the steering wheel shake, can certainly be extremely dangerous and potentially cause you to lose control of the vehicle. **GET IT CHECKED OUT BEFORE THAT HAPPENS**

Why do cars shake when in park or stopped at a traffic light?

The energy being released in the engine is not transferred to the outside; it manifests as vibration, which is transferred to the rest of the vehicle, hence the shaking of the car.

What would cause a vehicle to shake after hitting left front tire on curb?

Possible broken a-arm, or bent wheel.

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Can not get out of park Ford Escape?

the vehicle is stuck in park how do i get it out?

What would cause a 95 blazer to shake when execrating?

There are several things that can cause your 1995 Chevrolet Blazer to shake when accelerating. Bad spark plugs and spark plug wires can cause the vehicle to shake. Tuning up the engine may eliminate the problem.

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What is the difference between neutral and park?

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What causes your vehicle to idle high and vibrate in park but when you are driving it is smooth?

I would look for a vacuum leak.

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Why would explorer drive in all gears except park?

The " park " position is not a drive gear , you select the " park " position when you don't want the vehicle to move , and it also allows you to remove the ignition key

Can you drive with a bent wheel rim?

No, I think. You can but the vehicle will shake and it may be unsafe.

What causes a vehicle to shake at about 60 mph?

Tires may need to be balanced.

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What could be wrong with your 1997 GMC Suburban you can not shift from park to drive?

Make sure your stop lights are working, same fuse controls both interlock and lights There is a mechanism that locks the vehicle in park until you press the brake. If that switch is misaligned or any of the mechnaism is broken you will not be able to get the vehicle out of park. Normal operation would require that you press the brake and you would hear a faint click, but you really have to be listening for it. Then you should be able to take the vehicle out of park. Check the alignment of the switch. It is attached to the brake pedal mechanism.

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