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Bacteria gets pushed up into a woman's urethra during sex. Urinating after sex helps wash out the bacteria, thus preventing urinary tract infections. it all depends. if you're not wearing a rubber and you shoot inside of her then shes probably going to clean herself up. it could also be that the sensation she gets from sex also gives her the sensation to use the restroom

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Why do women go to the bathroom before sex?

Im sure its because when a man starts having sex with the woman, there is a feeling in the woman that makes the woman go to the bathroom. Also, women must go to the bathroom after having sex or else they run the risk of having a Urinary Tract Infection, which is a very painful and annoying infection.

How would karyotypes of a man and a woman be different?

The sex chromosomes would be different. A man has a SHORTER sex chromosome while a woman has a LONGER sex chromosome.

Can a female get chlamydia from the way they wipe after bathroom visits?

You can't get chlamydia from "wiping wrong" after using the bathroom. It's spread by oral, anal, and vaginal sex; genital-genital contact; sharing sex toys; or birth to a woman with chlamydia.

What would happen if there was no man?

there would be no more humans because you need a man and a woman to have sex to make another human plus you would be lonely

Can a woman have regular sex without uterus?

Absolutely. You don't need a uterus to have sex.

How you have bathroom sex?

Get your partner into the bathroom, and proceed with sexual intercourse.

Use the word sex in a sentence?

In order to have children, a man and a woman need to have sex. I can't see which sex that bird is.

When is it safe to meet woman to avoid pregnancy?

You need to get the know the woman BEFORE you decide to have sex with her.

Can a woman get another woman pregnant through missionary style sex?

Um, NO! You need sperm, from a male.

Is sex in the bathroom healthy?

Why not? :3

Can a woman loose virginity if she does it with another woman?

That is a very interesting question it actually stumped me too be honest, i think sex is sex, so if you have sex with a woman I'm sure it would still be considered sex, losing your v card in this situation would seem rather sophisticated as technically homosexual female sex is classified as fingering and/or licking out. (scissoring)

What factors that can a woman follow or use to make him to enjoy sex?

It would be difficult to make him NOT enjoy sex.

Can you get chlamydia from sharing clothes or a bathroom?

You can't get chlamydia that way. Chlamydia is caused by bacteria spread by oral, anal, or vaginal sex; genital-genital contact; sharing sex toys; or birth to an infected woman.

Do you need a license for a same-sex marriage?

Yes, you need a license for a legal same-sex marriage, just as you need a license for a legal marriage between a man and a woman.

Would Aquarius man and libra woman have good sex?


If a man died during sex what would the woman say?

Get off me

What is it that a rich man needs a poor man has and the dead need?

a rich man needs a rich woman and will have sex everynight a poor man needs a poor woman and will never have sex a dead person does need anything but to be buried

Can a woman that had a sex change to a man get a woman pregnant?

No. can a woman after having sex change have an erection?

Why would a woman have a sore vagina after urination with blood if she had no sex?

You can still have a urinal infection. You get that from bacterias whether you have sex or not.

When trying to get pregnant how long do you have to wait after sex to go to the bathroom?

When I tried to get pregnant...after sex I would prop my legs up and lay in bed for at least 10 minutes (pregnant now, after only one month of trying!). Hey and those ovulation sticks are pretty good too, you can get them at a drug store! Good luck! Try going to the bathroom before sex. After sexual intercourse it is advisable for a woman to lay on her back, you may even want to put a pillow under your bum to elevate the body, for at least 30 - 45mins. Going to the bathroom immediately after sex will cause the sperm to swim the opposite direction.

Is there a spell to become a woman?

No, but if you're a man wanting to become a woman, I would recommend getting a sex change.

Why did Catwoman tie up Wonder Woman?

because wonder woman would not let her smooch and have sex with superman

What sex related moves can women do?

Woman can be with a man and do the doggie the standing the praying mantis and many others. A woman on woman can have oral sex and hand to vagina sex as-well as some man to woman sex.

Why do women not have penis's?

Why the hell would a woman need a penis? i mean seriously..if she had a could you have Sex..thus producing offspring..Sorry..but this question was pointless

Why would a man sleep with a woman constantly but never commit to her?

For no-strings sex...