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There are two laser eyes in your burner. One to read and one to write. Your read is most likely dead. Or the chip that reads. Sounds like a software glitch to me. Try un-installing re-boot and re-installing your burning software. Try updating the burning software.

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Q: Why would burning to a CD-R not work with your CD writer but you could burn a CD-RW?
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What is the difference between a cdrw and a cdrw DVD-ROM?

A cdrw drive will allow you to both read and write cd's. A cdrw dvd-rom will allow you to read and write cd's, as well as play dvd's. This drive does NOT allow you to write dvd's.

What is the difference between a CD-R and CDRW?

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What will happen if you insert a DVD in a CDrw drive?

Nothing. It will not be recognized.

What does a DVD CDRW drive do?

it can be used to write rewritable cd's

What is the name of the optical disk that you can save to multiple times?

Cdrw dvdrw

How do you run a DVD in CD-RW?

You can not view DVD's in a CDRW drive. You also can not burn DVD's with a CDRW drive. You must obtain a DVD-R, DVD-RW, or DVD ROM drive

How do you erase a cdrw disk?

well, it depends on what kind of softwear you had to burn your cd.

What are 3 formats of optical drive?


How do you delete single pictures from a CDRW?

I believe that if you simply explore your cdrw in a separate window, you can just right-click the single picture and say "delete." I've done this before and I've never had a problem with it. good luck!

What is a Computer storage medium that operates using digitized beams of light?


How can you burn a PS3 game to a cdrw?

There is no way possible of burning a ps3 game to a cdr. Its in blu-ray format so not even half the data on the blu ray disc will fit into the cdr There is no way possible of burning a ps3 game to a cdr. Its in blu-ray format so not even half the data on the blu ray disc will fit into the cdr

How to Format a cdrw disk?

i have nooo clue there is something called try using google wattt:P

Can you burn over a CD?

Only CDRW can be overwritten, just erase what is on it and reburn the new data

How do you earse songs from a CD?

There are several kinds of CDs. Stamped (store bought) CD that come with data on them, are not writable, or erasable. They are manufactured with the data already on them. CDR discs can be written with a computer drive, but in general, they cannot be erased. They can be damaged where they can't be read back though. CDRW discs can be written to and then erased and re-written. You need software on the computer to do that though. Look into Nero burning ROM. It's a very good program for doing what you want here, assuming you are using CDRW discs.

What disc can be read written and erased?

Any discs that have "RW" on them. An example "CDRW" - Compact Disc, ReWritable

How do you copy photos from a hard drive to a CD-RW?

If you are running Windows XP you can right click on the file and choose "send to" and then choose "CDRW Drive" if you are running and older version of Windows you will need CD Burning software such as Roxio Easy CD Creator to name just one.

How do you delete files from CD-R disk?

It seems you cannot delete files from a CDR - only a CDRW.

What is the difference between CD rom CD-R and cdrw disks?

CD ROM and CDR -they are not writable if you have written data on it.Even if you have loaded 10kb or 700mb no matters it can't be rewrite anymore. CDrw- it can be written more than one time you can delete,edit,rename,edit attributes.

What effects do downloads have on cds?

If the CD is a CDR is can only be Used Once.If the CD is a CDRW it can be erased and used multiple times.

Functions of laser in the CD ROM drive?

The laser in the drive is the device that actually reads or writes data from and to the CD/CDRW/CDR.

What are the types of optical disc drives?

types of optical disc drive are: cd,dvd,blueray,cdr,cdrw,dvdrw,mp3,mp4

What is the desktop in a computer?

motherboard hard drive cpu ram ddr3 cdrw drive gpu grachics card case case fans

Can you attach a desktop CD-RW drive to a laptop?

Yes. You will need an external drive case for this. Basically its a small metal box (but make sure to get a 5.25" version for your drive) with an IDE interface for the drive and a USB interface for your laptop. Thereby converting your internal IDE CDRW into an external USB CDRW. They can also be used for hard disks.

What capabilities are included with a Coby MP-CD450 Boombox?

The Coby MP-CD450 features CD and CDRW playback as well as MP3 capabilities.

What is the difference between audio and recordable cd's?

Audio CDs are cdr disks that have audio tracks transferred onto them. If you use cdrw disks they may not work on your audio equipment