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Q: Why would citizens would apply for release in the giver book?
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Prdict reasons why a citizen would apply for release in the giver?

A citizen in "The Giver" might apply for release due to severe physical pain or illness that cannot be cured, to escape emotional anguish or trauma, or because they have committed a serious breach of the community's rules. The release process is presented as a way to alleviate suffering and maintain the stability of the community.

How has Jonas's childhood changed in The Giver?

He could ask anything of the citizens and he would get an answer. (Normally, this would be considered rude.) He could also not have any children or a wife, and he would live a lone life.He could not apply for medication due to his job and under no circumstances could he apply for release. Lastly, he could not talk about his training with anyone.One thing that was not unique to him was that he could lie. (His father lied to him about release, intentionally or not).

Does rule of law apply to all citizens including the president?

Yes it does. Otherwise, why would there be laws?

In the book The Giver can Jonas apply for a spouse?

In the society depicted in The Giver, spouses are assigned to individuals by the community's elders, and people do not get to choose their own partners. Jonas would not be able to apply for a spouse based on his own preferences or desires.

Would you be a giver or a receiver in the giver?

i would be a giver because i would have a lot of honor. also i would have a lot of memories

WOULD a native American have to leave his reservation and apply for citizenship to run for political office?

No, they are US citizens.

Why would the community elders not want the citizens to have stirrings the giver?

The community elders in "The Giver" may not want citizens to have stirrings because it could lead to the experience of strong emotions and desires, which could disrupt the stable and controlled society they have created. The elders believe that removing stirrings helps maintain order and conformity within the community by controlling individual desires.

Why is the giver prohibited from asking to be released?

The Giver can only ask for release when he has given all his memories to Jonas. If he were to get released sooner, all the memories he had currently would be spread throughout the Community. Since the Community lives its life with no color, sound, feelings, or memories, if what the Giver had in his mind got released, the Community would turn to chaos. That is also why Jonas can't ask for release.

Are citizens of the England automatically citizens of Canada and Wales and does it make it easier to become one?

There is no such thing as a citizen of England in international law. People of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all British citizens in international law. Canada is an independent country and anyone who wanted to become a Canadian citizen would have to apply to the Canadian authorities in the same way that a Canadian would have to apply to the British authorities if they wanted to become a British citizen.

Which statement would the Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato be mostlikely to agree with?

A country's laws must apply to all citizens to prevent the rise of tyranny.

What do Mexicans have to do to get the right to vote?

The right to vote is guaranteed for all US citizens. So they would apply for US citizenship, then register to vote, like the rest of us citizens. Unless you mean getting the right to vote in Mexico.

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