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to see how frequent they get Asthma attacks and so that they can see what [activity]causes them the attack.

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Q: Why would doctors ask a patient who has asthma to write down the times and places that they had asthma attack?
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In treating asthma the first thing many physicians do is ask patients to list times and places they have experienced asthmatic reactions.Why do you think doctors do this?

Doctors do this because asthmatics tend to have 'triggers' that cause asthma attacks. These triggers can be pet dander, dust, pollen, cold air, chemicals, or many other inhaled particles. Stress and other events can bring on an attack as well. Many people with asthma are allergic to something and develop asthma through this allergy, however, triggers are not always that specific allergen. The doctors are merely trying to determine what your triggers are, and if you might be allergic to something.

Controlling Cough Variant Asthma?

Asthma effects the airways and is a disease of the lungs. Asthma sufferers are highly sensitive to pollen and other irritants. When a person is exposed to allergens, the lungs become inflamed making breathing more difficult. The inflammation causes the airways to produce more mucus. When the mucus becomes thick enough to block the airways, then the patient is having an asthma attack. Cough variant asthma symptoms include coughing and the inability to take a deep breath. The patient can also have difficulty sleeping and experience wheezing and difficulty breathing. Patients can purchase a peak flow meter that measures the amount of air flow coming from the lungs. A flow meter help patients monitor their air flow for early detection and prevention of an asthma attack. Doctors can control asthma with medications and rescue inhalers. Patients should avoid irritants such as smoke, pollutants and any other irritant that has been the cause of a previous asthma attack. Patients should understand and follow doctors directions precisely. A patient should monitor their breathing closely with a peak flow meter. Learning how to use a peak flow meter will help a patient monitor their breathing. The patient should record their air flow when they are breathing normally. The flow meter will be a clear indicator if the peak flow level drops. Patients need to assess their indoor air quality. Irritants can be found in carpets, air vents and many other places in the home. Irritants can enter a home in a variety of ways. The shoes a person wears coming inside from the outdoors is one way that pollen enters the home. Establishing the habit of family members removing their shoes at the door can prevent some allergens from entering the home. There is not a cure for asthma, but doctors can manage it with several treatment methods. These treatments combined with improving the indoor air quality of the home will help the asthma sufferer. There are asthma support groups found online where people can support each other. Asthma sufferers have unique challenges and joining a support group is a way to connect with others who are suffering from asthma.

What is a prevention for asthma?

When your sweating don't go to Air Conditioned places.

Where is the best place to live if you have allergies and asthma?

having asthma is not easy but you can always help prevent it. if you have asthma try not to live to close to a city with lots of smokers or smog. of cold weather triggers your asthma then try not to live in cold places.

Where are most bodys affected by asthma?

Asthma is mostly found in places that are humid or windy. But, asthma can also be caused by allergies. That's what happened to me... allergy induced astma. I was diagnosed last year.

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What are some of the symptoms of asthma in people?

Some symptoms of asthma are difficulty breathing in situations such as running, exercise, and dusty or dander places. An inhaler may be helpful when this happens.

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Can asthma be dangerous?

Yes,It Is HarmFul Because When You Enter Any Dusty (or) Dirty Places, It Is Difficult To Breathe

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