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Why would fwd not engage on a 1988 Blazer?


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2005-02-05 19:52:39
2005-02-05 19:52:39

check vaccuum lines on cruise control and other things that use vac


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Well, that would depend on the transmission. Sounds like you got yerself a 2wd mf-er.

You might want to have the front axle checked out.

Usually rotate the end cap clockwise until it stops

If Fwd and the front tires are on the dolly. yes.If Fwd and the front tires are on the dolly. yes.

2.5 Quarts, this is also for almost every chevrolet.

The last rwd Olds Cutlass was the 1988 model.

Is there only high and low on the 2001 land rover discovery SD

Yes.......but you need to make sure it has the same gear code. You can check this in the glove box. The code starts with a G (example-GU6)

Make sure your vehicle is in neutral before trying to engage the 4 wheel drive. If you hear the "clunk" of the transfer case engaging but there is no discernable difference in driving behavior, make sure the front hubs are locked.

well the best would be 4wd but if you have a 2wd then a FWD would be the best

drain and remove the fuel tank. its grouped with the sending unit under the bung hole.

no the transmissions are different and it wont work.

Replace the thermal actuator in the front differential.

That would be the 4L60E transmission.

Front Wheel Drive. ( FWD ).

Assuming this is a fwd car? I would say it is the CV joints ( if the first question is right?) Assuming this is a fwd car? I would say it is the CV joints ( if the first question is right?)

AnswerThe Transmission, in my 1992 S-10 Blazer Four-wheel drive, with the 4.3 V-6, came out of a 1996 S-10 Blazer w/FWD. I had no problems with the installation, other than having to jack the body up, to get the Engine and Transmission out. it will fit. but the computers have two different style processors so after you put it in you will find that it doesnt work

most cadillacs from 1985 and up are fwd. except the broughams

front wheel drive (FWD)

That would be the 4L60E transmission.

there is a switch on the transfer case that goes bad,especially when exposed to winter weather,have it checked out for power going to it and if it is engaging the 4 wheel drive

On the 1988 2.9 v6,the starter is on the drivers side ,at the bottom of the motor. 2 bolts hold it in,one main wire on tale end.

stupid question. they are all RWD or AWD or both. not just FWD

to put a 99 fwd in low you must put the truck in neutral then ingage the transfer fo fwd low if the transmission is not in neutral in most vehicles it will not allow fwd low to be used

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