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The molecules of a gas move faster at higher temperatures, which therefore speeds up diffusion.

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In a gas which would diffuse faster hot or cold?

Rate of diffusion is directly proportional to the temperature. Therefore, hot gas will diffuse faster.

Why do substances diffuse faster in hot than in cold temperatures?

In hot water molecule were moving around faster so substances diffuse faster than in cold water.

Would a tea bad diffuse faster in cold or hot water?

in hot tea, as rate of diffusion is more when temp. is high.....

Why do sharks smell blood faster in the warm tropical seas then the cold seas?

Because the blood particles will diffuse faster in warm water than in cold water so the scent will get to the shark quicker

Would you die faster by heat or cold?

cold because you get frostbite and freeze in the hot you sweat and it would take forever so you would die faster in cold

Why do warm liquids and gases rise through cold liquids and gases?

Their particles move faster when heated and take up more space.

Does a drop of green food dye color cold or hot water faster?

Hot water will diffuse things faster than cold because of the extra kinetic energy moving things around. Diffusion rate increases with higher temperatures or pressures.

Without greenhouse gases would the earth be cold?

It would be very hot when the sun was up and very cold when it was night.

Does mold grow faster on bread in the cold or in the hot?

It would grow faster "in the hot".

What freezes faster hot water or cold water?

cold water freezes fasterHot freezes faster than cold.Cold water freezes faster.

Why do hot liquids and gases rise in cold liquids and gasses?

Their particles moves faster when heated and take up more space

What happens if you add food coloring into cold water?

It works the same as if it was hot water. The food coloring will diffuse the solution the exact same. The only difference is that it will diffuse slower than hot water. This happens for a pretty simple reason. The water molecules of the hot water are moving around a lot faster than the cold water. If the molecules are moving faster, they will interact with the food coloring molecules quicker hence diffusing (spreading) it quicker. hope this helps.

Do Gases dissolve better in cold water or hot water?

Gases dissolve better is cold water

Will mold grow faster on white bread in warm or cold temperatures?

i think it would mold faster in warm temperatures

What would change for which freezes faster hot or cold water?

Hot Water

Which would dissolve sugar faster hot tea or cold tea?


What would food coloring mix in faster hot water cold water warm water?

I would imagine that they would mix together faster in hot water because the molecules are moving faster and are spread apart.

Why does ice take so long to melt in milk?

because its cold plus cold but if it was hot plus cold it would melt alot faster

10 examples of how the government influences your everyday lives?

few examples of diffusion are -:carbon dioxide bubbles in cold drinks diffuse out of the soda and leaves soda flatcigarette smoke diffuses into air and spreads throughout the roomsmell of cookies diffuse through out the house as they are bakedtea leaf diffuse through teabagnaphthalene balls kept in boxes diffuse into atmosphere after some timecamphor diffuse inot atmosphere directly when it is burnt(sublimation)smell of hot delicious food diffuses with other gasesperfume gas molecules diffuse into air whe put so we can smell it

Do flowers drink cold water or warm water faster?

cold water faster

Will hot water or cold water leak faster?

cold water will leak faster

Do plants grow faster in cold or warm weather?

no it does not grow faster in cold weather

How do greenhouse gases help the Earth?

Greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect have kept the earth warm enough for life for millions of years. Without greenhouse gases the Earth would be cold and lifeless.

Are gases more soluble in hot or cold water?


What would happen to the earth if you did not have these greenhouses gases in the atmosphere?

The earth would be too cold for life. Greenhouse gases have been essential for life on this planet, and have kept Earth warm for millions of years.

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